Acidity or Acid reflux is the most common problem nowadays also known as GERD. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Well, it is a lifestyle-induced disease and can be controlled easily, but the person having Acidity knows the Burn inside.

Do not take Antacids regularly for Acidity, for Example, Pan 40, Ranitidine, Veloz-20, Omeprazole for a long period it has many side effects so do read this Article Completely and follow to get rid of this irritating heartburn condition.

So, I Dr. Kaushal Patel (B.A.M.S) will provide you with a complete and permanent cure for Acidity/ Acid Reflux. Kindly read and follow all the steps for the best results.

What Is Acidity? / What is Acid Reflux disease?

Acidity or Acid Reflux First of all, as words suggest Acidity occurs due to acid hyperactivity,

Now the question might come from where this acid came from?

This is the acid that helps in the digestion of food.

Now you might wonder why this acid creates problems if it is useful?

So, anything in this world that is in limitation and control is beneficial for human beings.

In this case, the acid is useful in digestion and is secreted in the stomach, now the stomach is lined by a mucus layer that protects the stomach from burning due to this acid.

The stomach is connected to the esophagus by gastroesophageal valve, this valve opened while one consumes food and after delivering food into the stomach it closes automatically, but in the condition of Acidity or Acid reflux Acid secretes into the esophagus and by repeated incidents, the wall of the mucus layer which does the protection against this acid fails and the person feels heartburn, uneasiness.

Acidity in Ayurveda as Amlapitta.

Acidity or Acid Reflux disease is also known as GERD is described by our Acharya thousands of years back as Amlapitta.

Now, Amlapitta is the condition that occurs due to indigestion of food and makes the food amla (Sour), Now once this condition occurs whatever you consume will be converted into amla(Acid) and further creates more problems.

  • Important Note

Please read and understand the whole Article completely,

then only you get perfect results. I can assure you if you have acidity problem for the last 10,20,30 years it does matter it will surely help.

what you have to do is read and understand each point and follow with complete belief and patience for 30 days.

I assure you, you will get rid of acidity completely if you follow the steps completely.

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Acidity symptoms or Acid Reflux Symptoms.

  • burning sensation in your chest which is usually after eating which disturbs your sleep.
  • Heart Burn
  • Chest pain.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Regurgitation of food or sour liquid.
  • The sensation of a lump in your throat.
  • Vomiting.
  • Burping.
  • Bloating.

Acidity Causes or Acid Reflux Causes.

  • Due to Overeating.
  • lying just after the meal.
  • Consumption of Spicy Food more often.
  • Improper Timing of having food / Late Consumption / Eating Without digestion of previous food.
  • Consumption of Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, cigarette, soft drinks (Carbonated water)
  • Having snacks just before bedtime
  • Taking medicines without having food.
How to get rid of acid reflux
Acid reflux disease

How to cure acidity permanently?

Ayurveda has a permanent cure for acidity if you read and follow all the steps completely.

Acidity Complete Treatment / Acid reflux complete treatment by Ayurveda has 2 main steps.

  1. Prevent acid reflux.
  2. Cure heartburn or Acidity.

Prevent Acidity Treatment for Permanent cure of Acid reflux

  • The first step is NIDANAPARIVARJANA [We must have to stop the cause]

It is told to be half treatment itself in all the diseases if we don’t stop the cause no medications will help.

Now the question is what do we have to stop in acidity?

The answer is very clear I have made a Do’s And Don’t list in Acidity which is given below.

Don’t in Acidity/ Acid reflux. Things to avoid in Acidity.

  • Do not overeat.
  • Do not eat Spicy Food.
  • Do not eat outside more often.
  • Do not eat Curd.
  • Do not wear tight clothes, especially tight belts.
  • Avoid Vega Dharana. (Defecation and Urination should not be avoided at any cost.)
  • Don’t eat late. Avoid Snacks at night.
  • Do not consume tea and coffee / At least reduce the quantity or frequency. if you are taking 2 cups a day then try to take 1 cup a day and reduce accordingly.
  • Do not take curd in the dinner.
  • Do not consume Alcohol / At least reduce the quantity or frequency. if you are taking 90ml a day then try to take 30ml a day and reduce accordingly. better to avoid it completely.
  • Avoid Smoking mainly before bedtime.
  • Making good food habits in acidity is most important.
  • Now you must wonder what is good food habit?
  • So, Reduce the quantity and increase frequency.
  • In simple words, if you are taking 2 diets a day each having 3 Rotis then convert it into 4 diets a day having 2 Rotis each.
  • This has a scientific explanation if you are taking a stomach diet then the acid will overflow into the esophagus and cause acidity, so by separating the diet we are making space for acid in the stomach and reducing the chances of acidity/ acid reflux.
  • Do not lie after having food for a certain amount of time [15-30mins] minimum
  • Do not drink access water before in between or after food. it will lead to poor digestion.

How to get rid of acid reflux

  • To get rid of acid reflux just follow these steps,
  • Eat-in small quantities more frequently (like if you’re eating 4 chapattis then consume 2 at a time then take a break and eat the other two after 30mins)
  • Take food 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Good food habits, reduce the quantity and increase frequency.
  • Walk Minimum 100 steps after having each meal. you can walk in a closed room too. But do not sit or lie down immediately after food.
  • Sit straight after having food, you can try Vajrasana too. in this position both legs are folded and we sit over the legs in dhyana mudra you can Google it too.
  • Drink water just after getting up from bed in the morning, you can consume as per your wish. do not consume in excess.
  • Sleep in The left lateral position only this will prevent the acid to come from the stomach to the esophagus.
  • Use Pillows while sleeping to raise your head a bit.
  • Consume Ice cream Vanilla only do not consume chocolate-flavored ice-cream.

What to do in acidity? Relief in acid reflux! Acidity Instant Relief Ayurveda.

I have explained earlier what is acidity, causes, and prevention but now I will exactly explain what to do if you have acidity?

Acid reflux medicine

  • Do not eat anything other than mentioned things. because if you eat food then it will be converted into Amla and created more problems.
  • Don’t sit or lie down, Start Walking. At least for 10 minutes.
  • Go to Urination or Defecation if you feel so, do not stop these urges.
  • After the walk sitting straight probably in vajrasana will help in acid reflux.
  • Try to vomit out if you can. it will instantly help.
  • Some Home Remedies for Acidity,
  • Take jaggery inside the mouth do not chew just put it inside the mouth it will surely help in acidity.
  • Take Ajwain (Bishop’s weed) and Jeera (Cumin)and chew it slowly you may feel a little uneasy chewing it but it will surely work, you can take a sip of water in this situation.
  • Take Saunf (Fennel Seeds) as Mukhwas after food, or as Sharbat.
  • Consume Watermelon juice in the Summer season.
  • Some people get relief from cold milk and ice cream but be careful if you have lactose intolerance then don’t consume milk otherwise it will increase acid reflux.
  • you will surely get the best results if you follow mentioned things, if still, things are out of control then go for specific medications as per your physician’s advice.

Medicine for Acidity Ayurveda

  • Take amlapittamishran syrup 10ml before food. two times a day.
  • If you have the symptoms then also you can take 10ml if not taken before food.
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I, Strongly Recommend Amlapitta Mishrana Over any other Acidity medicines.

  • Take Kamadudha rasa 1 tab before food twice a day. Acidity Tablet.
  • You can consume 1 spoon of avipattikara churna mixed in 1 glass of water 15-20mins before lunch & dinner.
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Acidity home remedies

  • Take Ajwain (Bishop’s weed) and Jeera (Cumin Seeds) and chew it slowly you may feel a little uneasy chewing it but it will surely work, you can take a sip of water in this situation.
  • Take Jaggery.
  • Take one glass of water and add 2 spoons of Dhanyaka seeds, (Coriander seeds, Dhanya) and soak overnight and consume in the morning daily.
  • Take Saunf (Fennel Seeds) as Mukhwas after food, or as Sharbat.
  • Drink cold milk.
  • Ice cream will help but take only vanilla, chocolate will increase the problem.
  • Walk for 10mins.
  • Sit Straight in Vajrasana.

So, these are some of the home remedies for acidity which will help you for sure.

Acid Reflux Disease Surgery?

Well, in extreme cases where the gastroesophageal valve is incompetent and causes repeated acid refluxes then your doctor might suggest surgery as the last option.

But it is very rarely performed, I’m sure that if you follow the above-mentioned things and follow do’s and don’t then there is no need for surgery at all.

Acidity FAQ’s

I hope you get complete relief from acidity or acid reflux.

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Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more details. does not take responsibility for this information.


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