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Lifestyle Diseases

In this category you will find improper lifestyle diseases which occurs in day to day life due to inadiquate lifestyle along with proper guide how to prevent and cure these diseases and be healthy.

so to counter lifestyle disorders one must have to follow daily regimen / day to day routine which is termed as dinacharya (Day regimen), ratricharya (Night regimen), rutucharya (season regimen), sadvritta (Good conducts) and brahmacharya (Celibasy).

By following Do’s and Don’t one will achieve good health and get rid of all this lifestyle diseases.

so certain diseases can be corrected by certain do’s and don’t only no internal required for that if one follows completely.

Permanent Acidity Cure With Ayurveda no medications require for Acid Reflux.

Acidity remedies ayurveda
Acidity or Acid reflux is the most common problem nowadays also known as GERD. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Well, it is a lifestyle-induced disease and can be controlled easily, but the person having Acidity knows the Burn inside. Do not take Antacids regularly for Acidity, for Example, Pan 40, Ranitidine, Veloz-20, Omeprazole for a long period it...