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Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose, Blocked Nose Natural Remedies

Stuffy nose or blocked nose is a very common problem to all of us. We suffer from this during the days of cough and cold and even due to sinus. This makes us irritated all the time and nothing can be done in peace during this period. The most irritating part of this is that it does not allow us to do normal daily work. The nasal pipe shrinks with the mucus. There are a number of home remedies for stuffy nose which can really help you to get cure from blocked nose. These home remedies are easily available in our houses and they are often found to work a cure for the blocked nose.

The stuffy nose or blocked nose has been treated with the help of mustard oil for thousands of years. Take some drops of mustard oil and make it go inside your nostrils and then it will clear the nostrils and make you get some relief. The next home remedy is really very effective in flu, cough and cold also. Take some eucalyptus oil and make them go into boiling water and take the vapor. The eucalyptus is told to have some antiseptic ingredients which make one get relief from cold and flu. So this is one of the effective home remedies for stuffy nose which can easily provide you needed relief.

The next home remedy for stuffy nose or blocked nose is inhaling the grape fruit juice. Make two drops of grape fruit juice go into hot water and inhale the smell. This will make you get relieve from stuffy nose. Make some onions smashed and then let the smell go into your nose. The smell of onions will make the mucus inside go loose and your nose will be clear. You can also try one of the age-old home remedies for stuffy nose which include inhaling peppermint. Take a few drops of peppermint into a cotton cloth and then smell it. These home remedies for stuffy nose or blocked nose are found to be mostly common and effective and are very much available in your home only.

The stuffy nose or blocked nose is very irritating and bothersome. This is very common and is almost found in the next man standing. Make sure that you are affecting others also with this, so curing this is a must. For instance go for drinking a cup of herbal tea can be helpful can be one of the useful home remedies for blocked nose. Often the blocked nose has been found to be a result of allergic reactions so make these ones go away with the reason also. Avoid those foods and habits which lead to mucus production and making you suffer from this. You will see that you are much happier with relief from stuffy nose or blocked nose.

Make sure you stay away from dusting when you have stuffy nose or blocked nose. This can aggravate the situation. Rather be in a clean and clear dress and wash every day properly with warm water. Warm water intake has also been found to be very helpful. Do not stop the take a bath. This hot water bath wills rather sooth you. So try these home remedies for stuffy nose or blocked nose and make yourself go happy.

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