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Home Remedies for PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome Natural Remedies

PMS is the short form of Premenstrual Syndrome. This is one of the common diseases that most of the women have during menstrual cycle. But some important home remedies for PMS are also there to give you effective result. The symptoms of this disease vary from women to women. But some prominent symptoms are dysphoria, irritability, tension, unhappiness. On the other hand there are some emotional and non-specific symptoms are increased emotional sensitivity, changing of mood, severe headache, fatigue, insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, changes in libido. You don't need to worry about this disease as it is completely curable with effective home remedies for PMS, premenstrual syndrome.

If you are suffering form PMS then you have to make a diet which is a part of home remedies for PMS. You need to eat less than you used to eat. Take four meals instead of two main meals. It is necessary to intake food with less salty. A patient suffering from PMS should take plenty of vegetables, fruits and wholegrain foods. Don't eat any kind of food related to fat. Diary foods are very effective for patients suffering from this disease. Foods related to sugar must be avoided while taking home remedies for PMS, premenstrual syndrome. Make a diet chart with the help of a good doctor. Do not forget to maintain this chart strictly.

The patients of PMS should do exercise thrice a week. Even in premenstrual period they should try to do some needful exercise. It is an essential part of home remedies for PMS. You have to eliminate smoking habit if you really want to get rid of Premenstrual Syndrome. Take some time from your busy schedule to do some exercise so that your pelvic organs and abdominal muscles can be strong. Meditation is one of the best home remedies for PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Interact with friend and relative and listen to music so that the creativity within you can be stimulated.

You can take great relief by doing acupressure therapy, one of the recommended home remedies for PMS. Manipulate the tender points on the bit toe and other toes gently. Do not forget to manipulate on the middle portion of the left foot as it is connected to the reproductive organs. This process of manipulation will create an effect on your PMS problem. Extract fresh juice from the pulp of aloe vera and mix 5 teaspoons of this juice with 2 teaspoon pure honey. This mixture is one of the best home remedies for PMS.

One of the other home remedies for PMS is cold infusion prepared from powder of black pepper with lemongrass. Take this for 2-3 times a day. You can also take a mixture of jaggary and 5 grams of ajwain with warm water twice or thrice a day. Try to avoid starchy vegetables like brinjal, potato etc. Taking plenty of garlic and ginger daily is really the best home remedies for PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Go for taking ayurvedic medicines like Gynecure capsules, Ashoka rishta and Kumari Asava which can be very effective on PMS.

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