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Home Remedies for Muscle Sprain, Natural Remedies

Muscle sprain happens due to injuries to ankle, elbow, wrists and knees irrespective of any gender and age. The swelling of the muscles results to this sprain which is really very painful. The inflammation of any type of muscle can also result to muscle sprain. In many circumstances the pain caused in the muscle is mainly due to a case of broken bones. If this is the case found in an individual, then only physician can cure it. And if an individual is suffering from any other case of muscle sprain then many home remedies for muscle sprain are available.

Home remedies for muscle sprain are easily applicable. These remedies are both effective and efficient. The easiest cure for muscle sprain is to put some ice cubes in a piece of cloth, then tie it, and use it over the affected area. The ice turns the paining area numb and hence helps to cure the pain of the effected muscle. In order to ensure that no more damage is done to the already affected muscle, you should always keep the affected muscle as safe as possible and keep it away from any sort of weight so that no more harm is done.

Home remedies for muscle sprain offer cold treatments as well as heat treatments. If you are not so comfortable with the cold treatments of muscle sprain, then you can also use the heat treatments. The easiest way of getting relief with heat treatments is to apply hot water over the affected muscle. For better results, add some Epsom salt and boil the water, soak the affected area in this hot water. After that wipe the affected area and cover it with a bandage. This will help to retain the heat of the water in the muscle, and thereby cure the sprain faster.

Three types of oil can be opted for as home remedies for muscle sprain. The three types of oil are clove oil, sesame oil and garlic oil. These three oils have very good results on the affected muscle. The clove oil should be heated, then allowed to cool down, and then when the oil is applied over the affected area, it gives a marvelous and speedy recovery. Garlic oil has to be applied in the same manner. Adding one teaspoon of pepper in the sesame oil, then heating it and applying it on the sprained muscle also gives a long term recovery. One can also massage the affected area with herbal oil such as Rumatone Gold oil which is very effective in treating this problem.

Some precautions should also be taken along with the home remedies for muscle sprain so that the muscle can recover fast. The aching muscles should be allowed to stretch so that there is plenty of blood circulation in the area of the affected muscle. In order to cure the muscle sprain faster, the joints, bones and muscles need to be kept strong, so foods rich in calcium and potassium should be consumed. And the most important remedy is to keep the affected muscle tied properly with a bandage, so that no more swelling can take place and the sprain heals faster.

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