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Home Remedies for Joint Pain Relief, Natural Remedies

When arthritis affects the joints the first symptom is joint pain. More than one joint faces this problem and this prevents the normal movement of the essential joints of the body. There are different causes for the joint pain like joint injury, arthritis, joint strain and tendinitis. Those who experience joint pain suffer discomfort and severe pain. There is no proper remedy for joint pains. Medication results to surgery which is not a proven remedy. It is better to go for the home remedies for joint pain to reduce the problem naturally.

One of the basic treatments for joint pain is warm bath. When there is s joint pain the muscle tenses to create an effort to reduce it. Warm water relaxes the muscles to allow the joints a wider range to move comfortably. This reduces the pain a lot. Oil massage in the affected area also helps in soothing the joints under pain. Drinking papaya seed tea also gives relief from pain but it has to be taken 7 to 8 times daily. Garlic cloves fried with butter can be eaten to get relief from the pain. Turmeric is treated as an important ingredient for home remedies for joint pain. Warm water with half tsp of turmeric powder works like magic if taken at least three times a day.

Food habits are also important in home remedies for joint pain. Chapatti made of gram flour with butter acts as a joint pain reliever. Make porridge with molasses, ghee and 2 tbsp of winter cherry and eat for at least 15 days to get the best result. All kinds of pains of the body reduce if 1 tsp of turmeric is taken with warm milk. The strengthening of the ligaments can be initiated if carrot juice mixed along with equal amount of lemon juice is consumed every day. This relieves the joint pain to some extent. Hot vinegar massage before going to bed eases the joint pain.

A mixture of camphor, eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate and menthol makes massaging mixture for severe joint pains. One part of kerosene and two parts of olive oil when mixed acts as a ointment for the affected joints and is a wonderful pain reliever. Applying smashed garlic in the swollen area of the joint pains helps in reducing the discomfort. Epsom salt added to warm water and soaking in it for 30 minutes gives an amazing result. This salt improves circulation and the magnesium in it is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the joint pain and is accepted as one of the best home remedies for joint pain.

Exercises are also a part of home remedies for joint pains. This improves the joint flexibility but practicing exercises during joint pains are troublesome. This can be practiced with ease if can be done in water. Physical exercises soaked in water helps to reduce pain with ease as joint flexibility works well in water. Swimming is a good option if you ready for the same. It involves work out of the total body and eliminates the pain from the joints. This natural remedies are the most effective and safe way to maintain the joint mobility and keep your joint healthy.

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