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Home Remedies for Gastritis, Natural Remedies

Gastritis crops up when white blood cells moves into the stomach's wall due to an injury causing mild irritation, infection and inflammation in the stomach. Home remedies for gastritis may bring some relief to the same. The problem may be chronic and acute. When the stomach inflammation occurs suddenly in a severe form, it is considered to be acute. Chronic form is when it develops gradually; you may have the chronic form for years and may not experience any symptom. Hence, it is essential to cure the problem with the help of home remedies for gastritis because if you ignore the same, it may lead to some other complication.

Most of the home remedies for gastritis reduces the stomach inflammation and improves the digestion process which brings back the stomach to normal condition. This problem usually starts in a mild form, but the chance of becoming chronic is very high if you are suffering from iron deficiency. If the problem is acute, you would feel a sudden pain in your upper abdomen with a burning sensation accompanied by nausea. However, there are no visible symptoms for the chronic form and it crops up with a dull pain, appetite loss or a feeling of full stomach after taking only few bites. Home remedies for gastritis work great to treat the same.

Coconut water is the most effective and soothing healer amongst the home remedies for gastritis. It will reduce the inflammation and make you feel comfortable. The different causes of this disease are excessive consumption of alcohol, viral and bacterial infections, peptic ulcer, pernicious anemia and large intake of foods which are spicy. You should stop the consumption of alcohol and avoid spicy foods when you suffer from this stomach problem. This will help your stomach to digest foods easily. Consumption of spinach and carrot juice is also one of the home remedies for gastritis when suffering from the problem.

Home remedies for gastritis is the best option as they are natural as well as easy on your body. It is very good to consume half cup juice of a potato before meals and also increase the intake of water. In addition to this, consume curd and buttermilk for quick recovery. You may also try use of asafetida and cumin water. You should avoid intake of pickles and beverages like tea, coffee, also sweet drinks which are aerated, extremely sweet dishes and strong spices. Along with the other home remedies for gastritis, using hot water bottles on your stomach is a great idea if you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Home remedies for gastritis are definitely effective but it should depend on the type of the problem and its cause. You may experience weight loss, bloating, vomiting and belching. In few cases, bleeding may also occur in your stomach which would be noticeable in your vomit or after bowel movement with the stools appearing in black and tarry color. You should avoid mental and physical stress as they aggravate the condition by contributing acid formation. Consumption of juicy fruits like pineapples, grapes, melons is advisable. However, if the home remedies for gastritis do not give any results within few days, then you should consult your doctor to identify the reason for the same.

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