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Home Remedies for Ear Infection, Natural Remedies

Have you ever undergone the unbearable pain of ear infection? If yes, then you must be thankful to the home remedies for ear infection. This ailment is caused due to cold, sinus infection or other problems. A small tube which connects your inner portion of the ear with your nose gets blocked and causes aches. Moisture is created inside increasing the pressure and pain. Our ears have three parts, if one of them is attacked by infection, other parts may eventually get affected as well. Hence, you should be aware of the different options of home remedies for ear infection.

Home remedies for ear infection are very effective for mild infections. There are two types of infections - external otitis and otitis media. In otitis media, the eardrum, inner layers and small bones will be affected. When bacteria or viruses enter, this may cause inflammation and accumulation of fluids resulting in sharp and unbearable pain inside your ears. Fever may also develop if you suffer from otitis media. In external otitis, your outer ear will be affected. It is caused due to cold, flu or respiratory infections. This may affect your eardrum and outer layers, leading to painful inflammation. Home remedies for ear infection will bring you relief from these infections.

Home remedies for ear infection includes usage of Colloidal silver which is an ear wash taken orally. It works as natural antibiotic which kills the bacteria that causes the infection. Vitamin C consumption is also very effective as it boosts the body's defense power and fights the infection. You may also consume Zinc for this purpose as it is also an excellent booster for your immune system. Please do remember that these infections may not be restricted to a baby, a toddler or a small child; it may affect anybody but most common amongst kids. Hence, home remedies for ear infection are the best solution as antibiotic treatments are only effective for bacterial infections.

Garlic oil usage is the most popular one amongst the home remedies for ear infection. These problems when treated at in initial stages could be managed at your house itself. If you place cotton soaked with a few drop of garlic oil in your ear's aperture, it may reduce the pain. You may practice this thrice daily and leave it for thirty to thirty five minutes every time. You should remove the cotton as soon as you sense some sort of hassle or irritations. However you may go for medical treatments when the condition worsens even after trying the home remedies for ear infection.

The list of home remedies for ear infection also has the usage of Mullen oil and is considered to be the most promising one. Few more are usage of lavender oil, tea tree oil and roman chamomile oil. You would have to massage your outer ear with cotton soaked in these oils thrice daily. Please do avoid dropping these oils into the ear's canal. Chamomile soothes inflammation and tea tree oil is known for its anti- microbial properties. You may also use warm juice of onion as another eardrop. A mashed, peeled turmeric root in water is one of the traditional antibiotics used for ear wash. These simple home remedies for ear infection kill the fungi and bacteria which infects your ear.

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