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Home Remedies for Dark Underarms, Natural Remedies

Dark armpits restrict you from wearing sleeveless dresses. This happens due to improper cleaning, dead skin cells, sweating and fiction due to different types of cloth. Even alcohol content of different deodorant and quality of the shaving cream may result to dark armpits. This sometimes turns to be embarrassing as dark armpits can be accompanied with bad odor, itching and sweating. This is the reason why a search for home remedies for dark underarms started and the natural remedies has proven to be effective and improves the skin color.

One of the most important and trusted skin lightening remedy is lemon. The lemon has to be rubbed daily and eventually the color will lighten. There are some skins which react to the deodorants. Apply alum powder instead of the generally used deodorant to get a better result. Make a solution of milk, curd and gram flour in equal quantities and apply under your arms. Wash after 15 minutes. Yoghurt mixed with dry crushed orange peel also acts as a scrub and has verified to be very effectual. These are few home remedies for dark underarms which are widely practiced.

Application of baking soda in the armpits after bath also helps in lightening the dark color. Rubbing vitamin E oil or coconut oil removes the darkness of the armpits. A paste made of a pinch of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of cucumber juice and 1 tsp of lemon juice can be applied under the armpits and it acts wonderfully for removal of the dark color of the skin. A little sandalwood powder mixed with rose water makes a paste applicable anytime of the day to remove the dark patch of the underarms. Potato acts as a very good bleaching agent and smashed potato can be applied in the armpits to lighten the dark skin. These are few effective home remedies for dark underarms.

To avoid fiction try applying body powder in the armpits after shower. You can make your own skin cream at home. In 2 tbsp of water add three drops of citrus oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and olive oil. Mix it well and apply it every night under your arms to get a soothing and inevitable change in your dark skin. The home remedies for dark underarms gives outstanding results if followed properly and prohibits the usage of the bleaching chemicals that will be giving side effects. This natural treatment provides you the secrets of whitening your underarms and will never have to be worried again.

The home remedies for dark underarms suggest few things other than the application procedure. Anti-fungal powder has to be used for better results. Clothes made of cotton should be in the first preference during cloth selection. Waxing underarms is a better option that shaving as it removes the dead skin along with the hair. A daily shower should be practiced to avoid the growth of bacteria in the warm and moist underarms due to sweating. Intake of lots of water helps in removal of toxin in the body and specifically there is no diet chart to be maintained for the underarms problem.

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