Do you want to be Healthy Forever?
Follow these Ancient Steps Daily.

Benefits of having good daily routine for healthy life

Promotion of health and longevity.
Maintenance of Hygiene
Promote Health of sense organs.
To enhance and strengthen physical strength.

Get rid of many Lifestyle Disorders, like acidity, gas etc.
feels enthusiastic
Live long And Healthy Life
to keep mind peace and harmony
It maintain Doshas of our body

wake up in the brahmamuhurta – last prahara of night To make it simple for you it is nearly about 5am-7am

Benefits: This time is termed as best for memory
It is good for Indriyas,Mana,Doshas,Atma.

Achappana – One has to take sip of water (Before brushing teeth) It is greatly helpful in proper digestion and certain diseases like Acidity.

Brushing of teeth. (Can use any toothpaste, Better to use Neem twigs if available)

Tongue Cleaning
Gargaling Mouth And Throat.
Mouth Wash.

Applying Anjana (collyrium) to the eyes.

Dhumapana – Medicated smoking.

Nasya – Nasal drops of anutaila.

Vyayama– Exercise YOGA & PRANAYAMA

 Anxiety,stress,sleep problem, headache it is very helpful in such cases.

Abhyanga – Mild body massage with oil. Including head and foot massage

Take Hot water bath below Head.
Use only cold water for your head

Then get ready for you daily work. (It will take 1-2 hrs so you can get ready by 7/8 AM)