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Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcer, Natural Remedies

Everybody suffers from gastric problem at some time or the other in their life-time. This leads to ulcers if you do not take precautions on time. It mainly occurs as the good bacteria are destroyed by the bad bacteria. Helicobacter Pylori is the bacteria that are mainly responsible for stomach ulcer. It can also happen due to weakening of the stomach lining that is covered with mucous. The mucous lining protects the stomach from the acid that is present in it. Excessive acid production, smoking and using too many medicines are the causes of ulcer. Apart from medicines, it is effective to use natural home remedies for stomach ulcer.

The main symptom of stomach ulcer is a burning sensation in the upper region of the abdomen. This is mainly misunderstood as heartburn, but there are some other symptoms too like lack of appetite, loss of weight, vomiting and discharge of blood along with stool. Aloe vera has an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal property that helps in reducing inflammation. So it is very useful to drink 2 ounces of aloe vera juice daily. One of the unusual natural home remedies for stomach ulcer is taking a glass of water in which you have dissolved some cayenne pepper. The anesthetic property of the pepper helps in reducing the pain as well as the bleeding caused by the ulcer. You can take capsules of cayenne pepper too.

Chamomile is very useful in curing stomach ulcers due to its anti-spasmodic properties that helps in relaxing the stomach muscles. But avoid it if you are taking blood thinning medicines as chamomile makes them even more effective. One of the natural home remedies for stomach ulcer is including licorice in your diet. It helps in rebuilding the stomach lining as well as to reduce acidity as it is an anti-inflammatory agent. You have to take it before meals and before going to bed too.

Bananas are natural stomach soothers, so include it in your daily diet. Avoid all types of fast foods and fries, as well as fatty foods that increase acidity. Golden seal and slipper elm are useful in curing stomach ulcer. The other effective home remedies for stomach ulcer are marshmallow, cinnamon, agrimony and calendula. Cabbage juice is an effective healer of ulcers though it initiates gas. Cabbage contains L-glutamine an amino acid, which helps in repairing the cell damage of the stomach lining. It also helps in strengthening the lining.

Honey has great healing properties - it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and it also helps in healing the stomach lining. Take it whenever you feel uncomfortable and before going to bed. Drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins from your body. Avoid smoking, alcohol, aspirin, coffee and spicy foods. Bring about some changes in your lifestyle too. The other home remedies for stomach ulcer are eating your food at regular intervals, taking proper rest, try and avoid being stressed. Include vitamin A and beta carotene in your diet along with 25-50 mg of zinc. You can try meditation, yoga and acupuncture to relax yourself.

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