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Home Remedies for Snoring, Natural Remedies

Snoring is a problem faced by both men and women alike. It not only disturbs the sleep of the snorer, but also of the person sleeping next to him/her. But first we must know why we snore. There are many causes of snoring like you may snore on account of swollen glands due to allergies and sinusitis, due to some abnormal growth in the nasal passage, wrong position of your jaws or your tongue may fall in your throat's passage and obstruct the flow of oxygen while sleeping. It may also be due to sleep apnea, a condition that requires medical interpretation. There are some simple home remedies for snoring that can bring peaceful sleep.

First of all you should change your sleeping positions. A primary reason behind the less severe type of snoring is sleeping on your back. You should either sleep on your back or on your stomach in order to reduce or cure snoring. Monitoring your sleep is difficult, so you may sleep with a pajama on which you have stitched a tennis ball till you have learned thoroughly not to sleep on your back. One of the easy home remedies for snoring is to either sleep without a pillow or to sleep on a flat and solid pillow. Placing your neck in elevation will make the nasal passage narrow and will induce snoring which can be stopped by keeping the neck straight.

You can use bricks in place of pillow to elevate your bed so that you find it comfortable as it helps in stopping snoring. The angle in which you head will rest will reduce nasal congestion. You have to stop drinking alcohol as it initiates snoring. So do not drink before going to bed. Similarly avoid using sleeping pills to induce sleep as you need an ear-nose-throat or ENT specialist to cure the problem. One of the important home remedies for snoring is reducing your body weight as this will manage your overall health. Switch to a healthy diet and follow a regular exercise regime and see how your snoring reduces.

One of the home remedies for snoring is to ease any nasal blockage by taking steam or any other remedy for nasal congestion. Avoid smoking in order to get rid of snoring. Drink half cup of milk before you go to bed. You can make eucalyptus tea by soaking 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus leaves in boiling water for 5 minutes and then strain the leaves and drink the tea. This helps in reducing snoring. Avoid eating salty and fatty foods as they induce snoring.

Antihistamines give relief to throat but are one of the primary causes of snoring. It is because it relieves the throat muscles. So consult your doctor to change your medication. Dairy foods that are heavy like whole milk and other dairy products as they help in retaining mucous and prevents it from draining, so avoid them to stop snoring. Avoid eating or drinking right before going to bed. Practice singing as it strengthens the throat and is one of the effective home remedies for snoring.

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