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Home Remedies for Shingles, Natural Remedies

The virus varicella zoster, which causes chicken pox, survives in our nervous system for a very long time. It gets activated after a long time and appears in the form of a skin rash known as shingles. It occurs due to stress, weak immunity system, some type of infection, sunburns, or due to diseases like cancer or AIDS. The exact reason of the problem has not yet been found but it is common in those who are suffering from chicken pox. The medical term for shingles is Herpes zoster. It is very contagious and it needs medication along with the natural home remedies for shingles to cure the problem.

Shingles usually occur in the mouth and genital regions. The virus survives in the Ganglia nerve for months and even years from where it travels to the respective parts of the body. The skin becomes tender and sensitive; there is a tingling sensation, appearance of blisters and rashes accompanied with pain and headache. There is pain as there is inflammation in the tracts of the nerves. Its main treatment is anti-viral medicines. There are many natural home remedies for shingles that help in soothing the pain. You can use ice by making an ice-pack out it and apply it on the rashes.

Cold water compress which has to be wet is a good remedy for cooling shingles. You have to keep the rashes clean and dry before you apply anything on it. Aloe vera is an effective soothing agent. You can apply the gel or cut it lengthwise and apply it on the rashes. One of the cooling home remedies for shingles is applying a paste of mint leaves in a thick layer on the affected parts of the body. You have to keep it on till it dries and then wash it and repeat the process to get relief. Peppermint oil or geranium oil can be applied on the rashes to soothe the pain.

You have to apply calamine on the rashes to soothe and cure the rashes. One of the most effective home remedies for shingles is applying tea tree oil on the affected area. You can make a solution by diluting vinegar in water and then apply it on the rashes to soothe the pain. You can also soak oatmeal in water and apply it on the rashes to soothe the pain. Neem oil is very useful as it helps in healing the rash as well as in killing the virus. Both eucalyptus oil and lavender oil has analgesic properties that help in healing shingles.

One of the tasty natural home remedies for shingles is eating pears or drinking pear juice daily. Also include fruits like papaya and pineapple in your diet as they contain proteolytic enzymes that are useful in digesting proteins. You may use their supplements too. You have to give a boost to your immunity system by following a healthy and nutritious diet. Include vitamins B and C in your diet to improve your skin's condition. Try and get rid of stress and anxiety. Learn to relax and avoid scratching the rashes. Do not keep the area covered as it may delay healing the rashes. Avoid salty foods, nuts and chocolates to recover quickly.

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