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Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome, Natural Remedies

When your legs go through an uneasy experience which urges you to move them continuously whether you are sitting or sleeping or taking rest is known as restless leg syndrome. Moving your legs gives you temporary relief and it occurs mainly in the evening and at night. This is associated with disrupted sleep routines, insomnia, anxiety and depression. It may be due to many reasons like disorder in lungs, heart and kidney. Bringing about some changes in your lifestyle and doing some exercises are the only natural home remedies for restless leg syndrome.

You have to do some sort of leg movement like taking a walk, jogging or cycling during the day. It has been found that the syndrome is more dominant in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Never exercise before you go to bed as sleeping becomes difficult. Whenever you have this irritating feeling, get up and take a walk. This will calm down your legs and will help you in going back to bed. One of the other home remedies for restless leg syndrome is take a warm bath along with a good massage before you go to bed. This relaxes your muscles and allows you to sleep. Maintain a bed time schedule as this may allow you to sleep without giving space to fatigue.

Your diet plays a vital role in controlling the syndrome. You should include folate or magnesium and iron rich foods in your diet as their deficiency is the main cause of the problem. You have to include nutritious foods in your diet so that you can obtain all the essential minerals and vitamins from them. You can also take dietary supplements of these nutrients. One of the useful home remedies for restless leg syndrome is improving your blood circulation by using either Ruscus acluteatus/ butcher's broom or Aesculus Hippocastum/Horse chestnut. Chinese herbs are quite useful.

Stress is one of the vital causes of the syndrome, so the first and foremost task is to reduce stress. For this you have to exercise regularly, you may also include meditation and yoga in your daily fitness regime. Indulging in some sort of hobby is also a good stress buster. One of the home remedies for restless leg syndrome is giving a good massage to your legs everyday before you go to bed. This can be done by using some essential oils as the oil will help you get peaceful sleep.

There are some medicines that are responsible for jittery legs. So ask your doctor to check the composition before administrating them on you. And in case you have bought the medicine over the counter, then enquire about the medication from your pharmacist. The other home remedies for restless leg syndrome are to avoid smoking, coffee, tea and alcohol as they stimulate the restlessness. Relax your legs by tightening your whole body when you go to bed by breathing normally. Then hold it like that till you feel warm and then release it normally. Do this 2-3 times before you go to sleep peacefully.

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