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Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion, Natural Remedies

Nasal congestion occurs when there is inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels in the nasal passage. There is swelling in the membranes of the nasal passage. It happens due to various reasons like cold, allergies or influenza. Again you may have it for other reasons like chicken pox, measles, acute sinusitis, food allergies, a deviated nasal septum, dry air, etc. There is swelling in both the blood vessels and the nasal tissues along with the accumulation of too much fluid in the nasal passage. It is painful for adults but becomes a serious issue when infants and younger children have it. Home remedies for nasal congestion are more soothing and can be used on children too.

One of the effective home remedies for nasal congestion is steam. You can take steam simply by inhaling the steam of warm water just by itself. Place a towel as cover on your head, bend over a vessel containing warm water. A few drops of eucalyptus oil can be added to the water to get better results. You can use chamomile in any form such as dried herbs, powder or tea bags to your hot water vessel. Allow the water to soak in the goodness of the herb and then inhale. You can stir in 2-3 tablespoons of decongestant ointment and inhale the vapors. You can inhale hot vapors through each nostril by using a neti pot, in which neti pot solution has been added.

Drinking the different types of tea can cure nasal congestion. You can have either herbal tea or ginger tea. Of the two, ginger has many medicinal values like it is an expectorant, thermogenic, an appetizer and also a stimulant. All these properties are necessary to cure colds and nasal congestion. Since 2500 years the Chinese are treating colds and this ailment with the help of ginger. One of the easily available home remedies for nasal congestion is sniffing cut pieces of onion. It gives relief instantly. Apart from this, even cooking onion is very effective. Eating raw onion is helpful too.

Make a nasal drop by boiling 1 cup of water with one-fourth teaspoon of salt and let it cool. Now fill it in either a bottle of nasal drop or spray and use it whenever you have nasal congestion. While taking a hot shower inhaling steam is very helpful too. Place your head in an elevated position while sleeping. The important home remedies for nasal congestion is to avoid nuts, dairy products, wheat glutens, and all those foods that initiate nasal congestion as they slow down the healing process. Apply hot compress over your nose, under your eye and on your forehead to initiate the drainage of sinusitis naturally.

The best home remedies for nasal congestion is by drinking hot chicken soup. Make the soup with garlic and sprinkle some pepper powder on it before having it. This gives relief instantly. Eat spicy foods as they have lots of pepper in them. They may also be made of ginger and garlic. Garlic, pepper and ginger are very effective decongestants. Besides the food becomes very tasty and is ideal in curing congestion. You can use breathing strips while sleeping as it gives relief from congestion and also prevents snoring.

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