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Home Remedies for Muscle Spasms, Cramps, Muscle Pain Natural Remedies

Most spasms and cramps of muscles are the result of involuntary contraction of the muscle. The spasms and sudden cramps of the muscles can be extremely painful or mildly painful. Cramps and muscle spasms can occur in one type of muscle in your body or it may also occur in a series or a group of muscles in the whole body. The muscle that experiences spasms and cramps are the skeletal muscles, but the areas of your body which are most prone to spasms and cramps are feet, legs and muscles that that cross a dual joint. But home remedies for muscle spasms, cramps, pain are available.

The easiest way that is included in the home remedies for muscle spasms, cramps, pain is to take a shower in hot water or a hot water bath. This acts as the most immediate remedy and helps to ease the pain. When the muscle spasm or cramps occur, the muscle feels like a hard rock and this condition can continue for a very long time, a few seconds or it can last for a few minutes too. In order to get the muscle to an almost normal state, a few stretches or simple exercises should be done.

Home remedies for muscle spasms, cramps, pain also includes dietary measures. You may be a person who is very prone to cramps in the muscle and muscle spasms. Spasms and cramps of the muscle are generally caused due to deficiency of calcium in your body, and this is mainly brought about due to interference of calcium absorption of the body by acids. Hence acidic food products like vinegar and tomatoes should be consumed in fewer amounts or should be avoided. The lack of potassium in your body also induces muscle spasms and hence potassium intake should be increased by consuming potatoes, bananas etc.

A very common regular based routine in which you experience spasms and muscle cramps is at the gym. In such cases home remedies for muscle spasms, cramps, pain can give you a lot of help and decrease your pain. When you are exercising at your gym, you are actually exerting your muscles to a huge extent. In such a situation it is very common for muscle spasms and cramps to occur. During a lot of exertion of your body muscles or vigorous exercise in the gym, your body loses a lot of electrolyte, so to prevent such cramps it is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated.

Another factor that causes muscle spasms and cramps is when you exercise in an atmosphere of extreme heat. The heat makes the electrolyte level fall to a greater extent, and hence dehydrates the body, which is the perfect condition for cramps and muscle spasms. The best measure among the home remedies for muscle spasms, cramps, pain is to increase the intake of milk and milk products in your diet. This will help to meet the calcium needs of your body sufficiently and hence lower the chances of muscle cramps and spasms.

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