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Home Remedies for Heel Spur, Natural Remedies

Pain caused due to the bony thickening of the largest bone in the leg known as calcaneal bone is known as heel spur or calcaneal spur. This happens due to many reasons like using improper foot wear, sudden increase in daily activities, weight gain, Plantar fasciitis where the plantar fascia that is present at the arch of the foot gets inflamed with calcium deposits and due to weak calf muscles that put pressure on the foot. Experiencing severe pain on standing is its main symptom, which decreases with activity. It can be made out from an X-ray of the foot. Certain exercises and some changes in your lifestyle are the main home remedies for heel spur.

There are some simple exercises that you can do to cure the pain. Facing a wall stretch your hands and place your palm on the wall and take support on it. Now, put your right foot forward so that it is in a straight line with your left foot. Keep your back straight and bend your knees so that the part of the leg that is below your knees feels stretched for one minute. Repeat it with your next foot, this is known as heel stretch. One of the other home remedies for heel spur is to sit on a chair and place marbles or a tennis ball or a rolling pin or any other object that rolls under your feet. Now keep moving your back and forth, this exercise is known as the rolling exercise.

Strengthen your calf and other muscles in the lower part of your leg by doing the calf stretch. Stand on the stairs edge on your toes by taking support from the wall. Now raise your body and stand on your toes for a few minutes and then come back to normal position. Repeat this for quite a few times. The other home remedies for heel spur is the belt stretch. For this you have to stretch your legs straight in front of you and sit, then flex your feet and warm them up. Then hold the two edges of a belt in your hands and make a loop. Put it around your feet and pull so that your heels bulge outwards. Keep it as it is for a few minutes and repeat with your second feet.

Your workout schedule should comprise of mild stretches that can help in strengthen the calf and foot muscles. Shoes are important as they provide support to the arch of the foot, so do not walk bare foot. Heel cups cushion and arch support helps in giving support to the heels and helps it to take your weight. Wear shoes that are covered fully. One of relief providing home remedies for heel spur is taking hot and cold therapies. Acute pain can be reduced by rolling a bottle containing cold water under your feet. But when the case becomes chronic, do the same with hot water.

Reduce the pressure on your feet by doing weight management exercises. The duration of rest should be increased. Reduce the amount of weight bearing activities. If there are persistent pains despite using all the given home remedies for heel spur, it is best to take pain relief medications like anti-inflammatory medicines and analgesics by consulting the doctor. You may take homeopathy medicines to treat your pain too.

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