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Home Remedies for GERD, Natural Remedies

Try the home remedies for GERD (also known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease) and cure your stomach pain. Acid reflux disease is a condition when the liquid from your stomach regurgitates back to esophagus which causes excessive pain. It can crop up at any age but more common amongst people over that age of forty and are obese. However, it may affect children also and it is common in babies as well, but it is difficult to identify the symptoms for the same. There are several medications available to cure this disease but long term use of synthetic medicines is harmful for your body. Hence, home remedies for GERD are very popular.

Home remedies for GERD is the key to get in harmony with your body. The most common symptoms of this disease in children are swallowing problems which results in gagging, increased frequency of burps, hiccups and runny noses, excessive vomiting, bad breath caused by increases acids in body and sleep apnoea. Antacid pills, liquids and lozenges may be of great help for any occasional stomach upset but long term use of it will increase the stomach problems as the body starts compensating for acid reduction. Hence, you should opt for home remedies for GERD as it has no side effects.

Home remedies for GERD are natural and simple. Certain foods may cause this disease; hence you may prevent the same by keeping a watch on your diet. Greasy and fried foods, citrus fruits, raw onions and tomatoes, fatty foods may cause acid reflux. Carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, chocolates, peppermints may weaken your lower esophageal sphincter muscle which may in backing up of liquid from stomach to esophagus easily. If you eat large meals before sleeping, it may cause acid reflux; hence you should change these habits. Ginger root is also a remedy as it absorbs stomach acid and calms your nerves. Home remedies for GERD are the guaranteed natural fixes which are tested with proven results.

You may believe in pills brought by modern life, however, home remedies for GERD may improve overall health. Fennel seed is an herb which is very powerful in curing digestive conditions. It contains a compound called anethole which suppresses stomach and gastrointestinal spasms. Anise and lavender tea also cures the problem as it helps in reducing the acid quantity in your stomach. You may also chew gums after your meals as it will increase the saliva which is a natural antacid for your body. When you swallow that excess saliva, it would settle the stomach and reduce the quantity of acid production. Go ahead and try out these home remedies for GERD and you will see the dividends very soon.

The list of home remedies for GERD will remain incomplete without the mention of almonds as they also work as a great and quick remedy for acid reflux. You should chew slowly and then swallow them and the pain would be vanished in few minutes. Banana is another natural antacid. You should also drink one glass of water right after your meal as it dilutes the acid in your stomach preventing the spasms. These simple home remedies for GERD are safe and has no side effects. You should stop consuming synthetic medicines; address the problem with natural procedures and save your money.

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