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Home Remedies for Fever Blisters, Natural Remedies

Fever blisters are caused by the infectious herpes simplex type 1 virus. It is also known as cold sore, herpes oral and herpes labialis. The blisters appear on the mouth, lips and face. They begin with itching, tingling and soreness and within a day or two they turn into painful blisters. Home remedies for fever blisters are more comforting and effective than the medicines available in the stores. But you must use them only after consulting your doctor as fever blisters are contagious. It can be passed to others by sharing utensils, kissing, etc. You have to be careful yourself so that it does not pass on to other body parts.

You must change your tooth brush first as the virus lives on your tooth brush. If you do not change it immediately, the sores will not cure fast. Avoid citric and salty foods. Use ice packs on the blisters for 5-10 minutes in every one hour. Ice slows down the growth of the blister. One of the most useful home remedies for fever blisters is using lemon balm. Make tea out of lemon balm by allowing the fresh lemon leaves to be soaked for 10 minutes. Lemon balm contains tannins that work as an astringent and antiviral medicine.

Tea can be used in different ways and is among the most helpful home remedies for fever blisters. Cold tea bags are very soothing and contain tannins that are very helpful in curing the blisters. They can be applied on the blisters. You can apply tea tree oil on the blisters directly. Mix equal parts of tea tree oil and olive oil and apply it on the blisters 2-3 times a day. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil helps in healing the blisters. The herbal sedative Violet and herbal sage are very effective to cure fever blisters.

Echinacea has antiviral properties and is among the most useful home remedies for fever blisters. Herbal Sage is very soothing and helps in curing the blisters. Aloe vera extracts from the plant can be applied on the blisters or else aloe vera gel can be used to cure the blisters. Petroleum jelly is a very potent medicine to cure fever blisters. It can be applied on the blisters as it helps in making the blisters soft by moisturizing it. This prevents bleeding by the cracking of the blisters and spreading. Besides these, try to be relaxed instead of stressed. Stress makes the body more susceptible to get blisters. Avoid sunlight by using a large rimmed hat or an umbrella.

Taking vitamin A and C supplements is very important. You need to adjust your diet to recover quickly. The most important home remedies for fever blisters are to include Lysine rich foods in your diet. Chicken, fish, milk, cheese and vegetables are rich in lysine and must be included in your diet. Lysine can be taken as tablets or as cream and are available in medical stores. Avoid foods that contain Argenine. These foods are chocolates, caffeine, wheat and nuts.

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