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Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal, Natural Remedies

Are you tired of removing ear wax? If yes, then you may try the home remedies for ear wax removal. This problem may be annoying and painful at times. If you do have a huge build up, it may cause loss of hearing, itching or a blockage. However, it may prove to be useful as well as the glands of your ear canal produces wax for cleaning, moistening and protecting the ear canal which makes it an organ cleaning itself on its own. Generally, it handles the work very well and does not require any extra cleansing. If you find yourself prone to more wax and have to clean your ear frequently, then it would be best if you use sea water spray being very efficient amongst the home remedies for ear wax removal.

The most common amongst the home remedies for ear wax removal is the process of using cotton swab, also known as Q-Tips. However, you should avoid this procedure as it may push the build ups deep inside your ear. These sticky substances are mainly two types - dry cerumen and wet cerumen. Dry cerumen may appear as dry and gray colored flakes and the wet types are moist and yellow or dark brown in color. You may face problems in removing the dry ones than the wet ones as the former needs to be a bit softened before you clean them. Hence, please identify the flakes before applying the home remedies for ear wax removal.

There are a number of home remedies for ear wax removal. The safest method is use of Paraffin oil. You may get it from any drugstore, warm about two to three tablespoon over a candle. Then fill one eye dropper with this warm oil, lie on one side which has the ear for de-waxing. Now drop few drops of the oil into your ear and lie for about five minutes without any movement. You would have to practice this procedure for two days and it will soften the build up and may get dissolved completely. Flush your ear with lukewarm water after two days as it may bring out those lumps which did not dissolve. Such home remedies for ear wax removal are very tested and very useful.

The usage of hydrogen peroxide is the safest amongst the home remedies for ear wax removal. You would have to apply only two to three drops inside the canal of your ear for three consecutive days. Every time you apply hydrogen peroxide, keep it for five minutes and then tilt the head to other side and it will come out from your ear. The application of the same dissolves the substances making it easier for flushing out. Wash it with lukewarm water after three days. Home remedies for ear wax removal should not be applied if your ear drums are perforated.

You should always consult an ENT specialist before trying the home remedies for ear wax removal. Whenever you experience any pain or hearing problem, visit your doctor as they would guide you with the proper cleansing and removal procedures of these substances. You should never use a hair grip or your finger in order to remove the same as it may pose dangerous threat to your ear by causing bleeding. There are numerous home remedies for ear wax removal which works wonders and delivers excellent results.

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