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Natural Home Remedies

We must know how to take care of ourselves through various home remedies. Home remedies are important because they allow us to get relief from troubles naturally and quickly through ingredients that are handy and within easy reach in almost every home. If we gather knowledge about home remedies, we will not have to see a doctor every now and then for even minor ailments, and will not have to take many medicines. We will be able to tackle our problems and ailments naturally. We all know that healthy food and good sleep are necessary for maintaining good general health. Therefore they are the basics of any home based health care. We should turn more and more to green, leafy vegetables and fresh, juicy fruits and leave out junk, fried food from our diet.

Proper uninterrupted sleep for at least seven hours would help to de stress ourselves and repair any internal damage faster. Apart from these, drinking plenty of water would flush out toxins from our system, and daily exercise would improve our blood circulation and metabolism. Thus any home remedy begins with eating healthy diet, drinking lots of water, sleeping properly and doing some light exercise daily. Now we will come to know about some important natural home remedies.

Important home remedies at a glance

1. Garlic is very beneficial for checking high blood pressure problem. It normalizes pulse rate and heart rhythm, and restricts spasm of the small arteries.

2. Grape contains Vitamin P which helps in toning up arteries, thereby checking high blood pressure.

3. Water melon extracts also function as a natural safe guard against high blood pressure.

4. For tackling problems like stomach upset, the easiest home remedy is to mix one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt in to warm water, and drink it as frequently as possible.

5. Drinking of sugar free black tea can also check diarrhea symptoms.

6. Buttermilk contains acid that kills diarrhea germs. Therefore it is an effective home remedy for an upset stomach.

7. Consuming few basil leaves with honey every morning can prevent asthmatic attacks.

8. A mixture of one teaspoon turmeric powder and honey is highly effective for treating asthma.

9. Roasted gram, if taken with milk daily can control any respiratory tract infection.

10. A decoction of coriander and sugar can be very useful for relieving headache caused due to common cold.

11. A paste made out of clove and salt crystals can also minimize headaches to a large extent.

12. Sandalwood paste if applied on head, can give relief from headaches.

13. Consuming small quantities of ginger and coriander daily can control acidity.

14. A mixture of orange juice, rock salt, and roasted cumin seeds can give immediate relief from acidity.

15. Drinking coconut oil also relieves acidity.

16. Eating 2 to 3 slices of garlic can control arthritis problem.

17. Drinking a cup of warm water and a pinch of turmeric in to it can relieve joint aches.

18. Massaging the affected area with sandalwood paste or hot vinegar can give relief from swollen, aching joints.

19. A mixture of warm water, honey and lemon juice loosens the mucous membrane, and can treat effectively common cold symptoms.

20. Steam inhalation can give relief in case of sore throats and chest congestion due to common cold.

21. Applying eucalyptus oil on forehead and nostrils can give relief from blocked nose.

22. Drinking a mixture of one cup water and dried, powdered mango leaves every morning can check diabetes.

23. Herbal tea made out of sweet potato leaves and ash gourd can control diabetes.

24. Curry leaves also help in bringing down blood sugar levels.

25. Rubbing affected area with 2-3 sliced onions tied in cloth can give relief from pain due to sprain.

26. Massaging affected area with mustard oil and then giving a warm water bath can also relieve sprain symptoms.

27. Massaging with almond oil frequently is an effective natural home remedy for sprain.

28. Garlic slices are helpful for treating the problem of high cholesterol.

29. Basil leaves can dissolve accumulated cholesterol from arteries.

30. Raw onion juice can decrease cholesterol levels effectively.

31. Blackberry tea solves the problem of indigestion.

32. A home made mixture of coriander, ginger, cardamom, and clove may be taken in case of gas formation in stomach and indigestion.

33. A mixture made out of lemon juice, curry leaves extracts added with a pinch of salt can give immediate relief from indigestion problems.

34. Cabbage juice should be drunk daily to control obesity.

35. Tomatoes and mint leaves should me used in large quantities in salads. They are capable of burning the extra fat.

36. A mixture of honey and fresh ginger paste would also control obesity.

37. Chewing of basil leaves can give relief from stress in day to day life.

38. Sage leaves taken as tea can also help us getting rid of stress.

39. A mixture of cumin seed powder and pulp of ripe banana may be taken every night to do away with insomnia.

40. A glass of milk with half tablespoon honey may be taken every night before going to bed for sound sleep.

41. A glass full of celery juice mixed with honey can also tackle the problem of insomnia.

42. Application of turnip juice on sweat prone areas can control body odor.

43. A mixture of white vinegar and alcohol can also effectively check body odor.

44. Chewing of cloves, sunflower seeds or mint leaves can help to get rid of bad breath.

45. Rinsing mouth with the tea made by boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in half liter water can check bad breath.

46. Vitamin C rich lemon juice is an effective home remedy for tooth ache.

47. Mixture made by mixing vinegar with the paste of the bark of bay berry can relieve tooth ache. The mixture is to be applied on the root of the aching tooth.

48. Tomato paste may be applied on affected regions to get rid of acne.

49. A paste made out of vinegar and corn starch can do away with black heads.

50. Betel leaf extracts can very effectively treat boils.

51. For getting rid of dark circles under eyes, one can dab the area with cucumber juice or potato extracts.

52. Applying a paste made out of egg yolk, honey and milk powder can help to get rid of dry skin.

53. Aloe Vera extracts have a soothing effect on itchy rashes.

54. A paste of barley powder in milk can effectively treat sun burns.

55. Rubbing ice cubes over affected area is the easiest way to treat prickly heat.

56. Juice of fresh pineapple may be applied on skin to get rid of pimples.

57. Olive oil is very effective in removing scars from skin.

58. Rubbing bald patches with onion juice and honey can induce hair growth.

59. Vinegar and lemon juice are excellent for treating dandruff problems.

60. The laxative properties in grapes are effective for treating chronic constipation.

61. Warm lime water every morning also keeps us away from constipation.

62. 2-3 drops of rose water may be applied on the eyes daily for keeping them dirt free and healthy.

63. Mango leaf extracts are very effective in treating ear infection.

This is a brief list of home remedies for some very common physical ailments. There can be numerous other ailments that can be treated naturally through home remedies. It is useful for us to gain knowledge about as many as home remedies as possible. They are easy and save the money that would be required for the fees of a doctor or for medicines.

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bulletBoils bulletHyperthyroidism bulletScabies
bulletBPH bulletHypothyroidism bulletShingles
bulletCataracts bulletImpetigo bulletSinusitis
bulletChest Congestion bulletIngrown Toenails bulletSkin Whitening
bulletChest Pain bulletItchy Scalp bulletSolar Lentigo
bulletColitis bulletJet Lag bulletStrep Throat
bulletDark Circles bulletKnee Pain bulletTeeth Whitening
bulletDepression bulletLeucoderma bulletThyroid Disease
bulletDiarrhea bulletLice bulletToenail Fungus
bulletEye Stye bulletMelasma bulletVaricose Veins
bulletFacial Hair bulletMenopause bulletViral Fever
bulletFibroids bulletMorning Sickness bulletVitiligo
bulletFibromyalgia bulletOsteoporosis bulletZits
bulletGallstones bulletOvarian Cyst  

More Home Remedies

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