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Natural Hair Care Remedies and Herbal Treatments

Hair adds ten fold to our beauty. Its importance and role in beautification is realized only when it starts falling off, and one moves towards baldness. Therefore we should take due care before it is too late. Almost every woman has a fascination for thick, healthy and shiny hair; but most are ignorant of the proper way to achieve it. Often we are allured by glossy commercial advertisements on television, newspapers, magazines that make tall promises about the potentiality of synthetic hair care products. We fall in to the trap, and spend a lot of money on these products. Using such products may not yield much result, and at times may even spoil the hair texture and make scalp allergic and prone to irritation.

Natural products on the other hand, ensure healthy hair growth. Since the very ancient times, nature has been offering us various products to keep our selves beautiful the natural way. Several hair care products obtained from natural extracts can prove highly beneficial for making our hair attractive and beautiful. These extracts would provide direct natural nourishment to the roots that are alive, and like any other organ of body, it requires nourishment. The Vitamin C, D and A are necessary for root nourishment. Apart from nourishing our hair, natural products also impart a soft, sweet, natural aroma to the hair unlike the synthetic products.

These days' people have developed a craze for coloring. Colored hair is now a style statement. Even for coloring, one should turn to natural, home made dyes rather than the ammonia based synthetic colors which can only lead to dry, rough, entangled hair with poor texture. The harmful chemicals in synthetic colors can also cause hair loss.

Natural Hair Care Benefits and Tips

1. A mixture of one teaspoon castor oil, coconut oil, mustard oil may be used to massage scalp to get rid of dandruff problem.

2. Massaging scalp with one teaspoon camphor added to coconut oil or neem oil every night before going to bed can help to reduce dandruffs.

3. Massaging in to the hair roots with juice of one lemon added to a cup of coconut oil is an excellent natural way to tackle dandruff problem.

4. Syrup made by boiling neem leaves in water may be used to rinse hair. This will prevent hair loss or thinning.

5. A paste made by grinding licorice and mixing it with milk can induce hair growth, thereby controlling the problem of baldness.

6. A paste of lemon seed and black pepper also causes hair to re grow. The paste may be applied on the bald patches.

7. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice can function as an excellent hair inductive drink.

8. Massaging scalp daily with a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil for 10-15 minutes can also check hair fall.

9. Grated ginger mixed with honey may be preserved in a jar, and taken one teaspoon daily. This will check premature graying of hair.

10. A preparation made out of black sesame seeds, corals and Indian gooseberry powder can also check the graying of hair.

11. For preparing natural dye or color, we need to mix two teaspoon henna powder, one teaspoon curd, one teaspoon fenugreek seed powder, one tablespoon coffee, mint juice and basil leaf juice. If the paste is left on hair for about 3-4 hours, it will lend a rich natural color.

12. Massaging roots firmly after wash is necessary. It will improve the blood circulation at the roots, and stimulate the oil glands. The oil secreted by the glands will give your hair a natural shine.

13. Above all a healthy, nutritious diet, rich in Vitamins and minerals, is to be taken to keep hair healthy. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause hair fall.

14. Junk food, fried food, alcohol, caffeine are to be avoided to keep hair healthy.

15. Try to keep your self away from stress.

Thus we see how immensely potential nature is, in offering remedies for any type of hair problem. When we have such a magical store house for remedies, it is better to harness it to the utmost for benefits and say a big 'no' to synthetic beauty care products.

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