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Natural Beauty Tips, Home Remedies and Personal Care Tips

Beauty is something which every woman seeks for. There is an elemental and eternal relation between woman and beauty. Thus poets and renowned men of literature have placed woman on an elevated pedestal looking upon her as an epitome of resplendent beauty and grace; a magical art piece by the divine Creator. Thus since the very beginning of civilization, beauty has always been associated with woman. However these days beauty is not a prerogative of women alone. Our men too are now becoming more and more conscious about looks. They are trying hard to master the art of looking attractive or beautifying themselves just like women.

In ancient times, no artificial, chemical cosmetics were available, and one had to turn to the immense store house of Nature to collect ingredients that could make the skin glow naturally, or the hair shine naturally. Beauty, one should understand, is not about applying as much as synthetic cosmetics or make up; it is something that comes from within; it is very natural. Therefore one must know how to harness nature and extract the valuable gems that can beautify us. If natural products are used for beautification, one can do away with the harmful effect of artificial chemicals on skin which is a gift of God.

Natural Beauty Care For Skin

1. A paste made out of dried orange peel powder and rose water is an excellent exfoliating agent for eliminating scales and dead skin. It will make your skin glow.

2. Steaming face with water mixed with the juice of one lemon is an effective remedy for getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

3. A paste made out of rose water, sandalwood powder and fuller's clay or earth may be applied as a mask. It removes the extra oil from skin, making it look fresh. It can tackle the problem of pimples very well.

4. Rose water itself is an excellent natural agent for cleansing and toning skin.

5. Mashed papaya is a good remedy for removing blemishes from skin.

6. Cucumber juice is excellent for sun tanned skin. It lightens skin color and even works as a cool astringent.

7. The harmful effects of sun burn can also be minimized by applying lavender oil on skin.

8. A face pack made by mixing Vitamin E rich almond paste and milk is an effective remedy for dry, dull skin.

9. The moisturizing power of honey is well known. It is very good for dry skin.

10. A paste made out of fenugreek leaves may be applied as a mask, and kept for half an hour. It is good for acne prone skin. It is good for removing blackheads and whiteheads.

11. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil are beneficial for checking boils and rashes. It is very good for sensitive skin.

12. Yoghurt is natural bleach. A massage with yoghurt can reduce ill effects of sunburns.

13. A mixture of Indian gooseberry powder and aloe Vera gel is very good for treating pimples.

14. Grated potato slices tied in muslin cloth may be rubbed on skin to get rid of pimples and pimple scars.

15. A paste made out of powdered cloves and a little curd may be applied on pimples for speedy healing and drying up. It is good for oily skin.

16. Grated apple may be placed on skin and left for twenty minutes. It works wonder on dry skin. After following the treatment wash the skin with cold water.

17. A mask made out of egg yolk and milk works effectively on dull, dry skin. Leave the mask for 10 minutes and wash off. It will make your skin soft, supple and will make it glow.

18. Above all, fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables are to be included in diet. They will nourish your skin from with in. Avoid junk food.

19. Plenty of water is to be drunk to flush out toxins and a fiber based diet is to be consumed to cleanse bowels. This will definitely make your skin glow.

20. Rubbing the area with grated raw potato can relieve puffy, dark circles under eyes.

21. Cabbage leaf extracts can reduce wrinkles.

Nature Beauty Care For Hair

1. Massaging scalp with coconut milk can immediately stop hair fall due to dandruff.

2. A mixture of egg yolk and honey revitalizes and nourishes the scalp, thereby checking loss of hair.

3. Carrot juice mixed with juice of one lemon can stop hair fall.

4. A head mask made out of curd and gram flour strengths hair roots. It also increases the volume of hair.

5. Lemon juice not only checks dandruff, but also makes your scalp less oily.

6. Castor oil, olive oil are excellent for dry hair.

7. Massing scalp with egg yolk and water can tackle the problem of dry hair, and make your hair look soft.

8. Washing hair with tea can make hair look shiny.

9. Applying a paste made out of Indian gooseberry and milk can also lend your hair natural shine.

10. Steam towel wrap or therapy is good for repairing damaged hair.

11. A hair mask made out of the paste of mehendi leaves, egg and lemon juice can check graying of hair.

12. Rinsing hair with a mixture of warm water and vinegar can condition your hair naturally.

13. Beer and curd are also natural conditioners for hair.

14. Combing hair with downward strokes improves blood circulation at the roots, and promotes hair growth.

15. Hibiscus flower extracts are good for overall hair health.

16. Hot oil therapy can naturally straighten curly hair.

17. A mixture of egg white and curd may induce hair growth covering up bald patches, and also increase the length of hair.

Other Natural Beauty Care Benefits

1. Cheese is a natural remedy for foul breath.

2. Yogurt improves your dental health.

3. Coconut oil or castor oil can maintain good nail health.

4. Dipping fingers in a tub of warm water with few drops of lemon juice for 10 minutes a day can also keep your nails healthy.

The natural ingredients used for beauty care eliminate the harmful effects of chemicals in beauty care products available in market. Therefore one must take resort to the natural ways of beauty care for they are friendlier, and will heal your problems naturally.

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