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Home Remedies for Zits

We are all aware of pimples or acne which is known as zits. They are nothing but swelling on the facial skin. Sometimes zits also appear on the neck, chest, upper back, shoulder and scalp. This is generally caused due to active oil glands. The hormonal changes also results to zits and it mostly affects the teenagers. The excessive oils in the glands block the pores of the skin which in its turn gives rise to bacterial infection. This infection causes the pimples. Home remedies for zits are practiced to avoid the side effects especially on the facial skin.

Zits are one of the most common skin problems and are just another name for pimples, acne, whiteheads or blackheads. Zits are inflammation of the skin that generally appears on the face, neck and chest. It's common amongst young people and is likely to fade away with age. However, the treatment of zits is one of the most sought after. For a lot of young people zits are very embarrassing and troublesome, since at that age personal appearance holds a lot of importance. And thus, they can even be a cause for having a strong sense of inferiority complex.

Zits or acne are usually caused due to excessive oil or sebum on the skin. This oil blocks the hair follicle and skin pores creating a protrusion on the skin. Hormonal imbalance, oily food, hereditary skin disorder or use of wrong skin products can also be the reasons behind zits.

In order to get rid of zits, people usually fall in the trap of various creams and medicines available in the market. These cause more harm than good. Pharmaceutical companies make fake promises and do not inform about the side effects of these products. Therefore, whenever there is a skin related issue, one should always rely on natural home remedies.

Those who are suffering from pimples tend to pop the zits which may worsen the case and infection will spread more. This results to scars on the facial skin. It is effective to go for the home remedies for zits as it is beneficial for the skin without any side effect. This natural remedy is practiced for a long time and is very accepted by the common mass. One of the easiest possible home treatments is rubbing garlic on the affected area few times in a day. Intake of 3 to 4 cloves garlic for month along with the massage enhances the possibility of curing the infection.

To treat zits naturally a mixture of sandalwood powder with honey and olive oil can be applied locally on the pimples. One tablespoon of cinnamon powder mixed with honey can also be applied to get a zits free skin. This is to be kept overnight and a lukewarm wash is required in the morning. Practicing this for at least 15 days will show its effective results. Orange peels, grated cucumber or tomato pulps are some unique home remedies for zits. Rose water along with groundnut oil and lime juice mixed together can be applied on pimples to get rid of them.

Regular application of face mask made of yogurt and oatmeal helps to cure the pimples. Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies for zits. Application of aloe Vera not only helps in healing the pimples but intake of its juice helps to cure internally for permanent cure of the zits. Application of the juice of the raw papaya is very useful in removing the pimples. Different masks made up of apples, gram flour, honey, fuller's earth, olive oil and care has to be taken the mask has to be on face for at least half an hour. Face should be with lukewarm water after the mask.

The home remedies for zits also include the dietary suggestion which helps in curing the zits. A healthy balanced diet along with vitamin A, E and zinc is of high necessity. Glassful of wheatgrass juice helps in alleviating the problem. Oils like soybean, sunflower, corn and other which are rich in fatty acids help to cure zits. To make the skin healthy and enhance the healing process fruit juices and fresh fruits are to be included in the daily diet. Fatty foods, beverages like coffee and alcohol has to be restricted for the sake of skin health and avoid zits.

Orange peel is a great home remedy against zits. Applying orange peel with water on the affected area helps cure the same. Also lemon when applied on the face is beneficial in reducing zits. Garlic on the other hand too works well against zits. Rub raw garlic on the face or eat few cloves of garlic for best results.

Natural remedies are not only free from side effects but also have a safe long lasting effect. Using a mix of coriander or mint juice with a pinch of turmeric on the face is also a good remedy for zits. Similarly, applying grated cucumber on the affected area serves as a tonic for the skin.

Zits are a scourge. They greatly harm our skin and confidence but with the use of natural home remedies, like using a paste of nutmeg and milk, we can get rid of them. Also, a mix of honey with cinnamon powder applied on the face overnight greatly helps. Using saturated lettuce leaves in water for rinsing the face helps reduce acne too.

Some people use juice of raw papaya on zits in order to cure them. Applying sandalwood with rose water on zits is also beneficial. Similarly, drumstick pods and leaves mixed with lime juice can be used against zits.

Eating right is very important for a good skin. It's important to include vitamin C and vitamin E in one's diet. These vitamins work as anti-oxidant and rejuvenate the skin. The mineral Zinc is also beneficial in treating acne. Zits or acne can be avoided by following some basic steps like regular exercise, de-stressing, avoiding oily and fatty food. One should try and stay away from chocolates and nuts. It's also very important to maintain good skin hygiene and use good skin products to save yourself from the nightmare of zits.

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