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Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose vein is a typical venous disorder commonly observed in legs and feet, especially those who have to stand for long hours continuously to serve their job purposes. Veins carry the impure blood back to the heart and when the valves get weakened, the blood starts accumulating in the veins causing abnormal swelling in the legs and feet. Veins get swollen, enlarged and twisted exhibiting bluish purple color and providing extreme discomfort and hindrance to the normal mobility. In many cases varicose veins may be just a cosmetic problem but in some cases it may signal for a heart disease and further complications may arise due to blood clots, skin ulcers and vein inflammation.

You can find many people around who are suffering from a disease called varicose veins. This disease creates many major problems in human body. But some home remedies for varicose veins can give you the permanent solution to get rid of it. Veins are thin-walled vessels which carry impure blood back to the heart. It also acts as one-way valves so that impure blood cannot flow backward. When these veins become weak, the impure blood flow back and cause congestion due to blood clots. By having this congestion the veins become enlarged and this condition is called varicose veins.


1. Abnormal swelling of the superficial veins of the feet and legs are observed with the color of the veins turning into bluish purple.
2. Extreme discomfort in movement followed by constant aching.


1. Disturbance in the hormonal balance during pregnancy and menopause.
2. Long hours of standing.
3. Obesity exerts pressure on the legs causing swelling of the veins.
4. Age factor
5. Heredity
6. Abstaining from physical exercises.

Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Some natural cures are highly beneficial in treating the varicose veins reducing the discomforts to a great extent. Here are some home remedies for varicose veins that can really give you effective result.

Marigold is a name of an effective herb which is one of the best home remedies for varicose veins. You should apply compressed marigold externally in the treatment of this particular disease. You can also apply the flowers of this plant over varicose ulcers for getting effective results. These flowers are just outstanding remedy for ulcerated or inflamed conditions of the skin. Some juices of raw vegetables can be the effective home remedies for varicose veins. Take spinach juice in combination with carrot juice daily. The combination should be 200ml of spinach juice and 300ml of carrot juice.

Certain nutrients must be considered as the best home remedies for varicose veins. Vitamin C and E are really very effective on this disease. You should take Vitamin E in therapeutic doses from 600 to 1200 mg and Vitamin C in therapeutic doses up to 3000 mg daily. These doses will help to get relief from leg cramps and pain associated with varicose veins. Remember that if you take some foods like coffee, white flour products, strong tea, alcoholic drink, white sugar and its related foods while suffering from this disease then no home remedies for varicose veins will be effective.

When you are looking for the best home remedies for varicose veins then you should apply apple cider vinegar to the varicose veins two times a day until the veins starts shrinking. It is best to apply with hazel tea and vitamin E oil on the affected areas. Massage oil of rosemary gently on the affected parts. You can apply a mud pack over the area at night and allow it to stay till morning. You can take the alternative hot and cold hip bath daily. Deep breathing and flex exercises are also the effective home remedies for varicose veins.

A mixture of 2 cups of chopped calendula flowers leaves and stems with equal amount of melted lard can really be considered as the best home remedies for varicose veins. After leaving this mixture for 24 hours you have to reheat and strain. Apply this mixture over your varicose veins. Some yoga postures like shalabhasana, vajrasana, gomukhasana, padmasana, sirshsana, sarvangasana, and viparitakarni can really give good results by reducing the pressure on the veins. You should remember that this home remedies for varicose veins can give your desired results if you maintain all the procedures strictly. All these remedies are free from any side effects.

1. Regular application of cider vinegar in the mornings and evenings helps in the shrinking of the veins.

2. Extracts of grape seed and pine bark are rich in antioxidants that help in strengthening the connective tissue of the blood reducing the swelling at the same time.

3. Extract of horse chestnut is widely used for treating varicose veins. The active ingredient present in this herb is Aescin, which prevents the harmful enzymes from damaging the capillary walls.

4. Raw vegetable juices, especially a mixture of carrot and spinach juices if taken regularly cures the varicose veins.

5. A gentle massage of the Rosemary oil on the affected parts also reduces the varicosity of the veins. It is a useful home remedy for varicose veins.

6. The constituent ruscogenins present in the herb Butcher's broom strengthens the collagen of the walls of the blood vessel improving the blood circulation. It also tightens the stretched blood vessels of the varicose veins.

7. Taking hot Epsom salt bath twice a week helps in varicose vein treatments.

8. Vitamin C supplements or fruits rich in Vitamin C must be taken regularly to improve the condition of the varicose veins.

9. Occasional sunbath is also beneficial for varicose veins.

10. Application of mud packs, cold packs also helps in reducing the pain.

11. Body weight should be kept in check so that it does not too much pressure on the veins.

12. Various postures of Yoga and some deep breathing exercises are very helpful in reducing the swelling of the varicose veins.

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