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Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Strep throat is the infection of the pharynx, where the latter gets infected by a group of streptococcus bacteria. The throat becomes sore and inflammated. It also occurs due to cold, and is common in teenagers and small children. The throat could become red and sore followed by irritation and high fever. The membrane inside the throat called the lymph could become tender and the person may find it difficult to swallow even soft foods or tablets. He may have headache and at the same time feel feverish and irritable. Sore throat could also result due to measles, sinusitis or leukemia leading to a running nose and cough.

The patient should then take precautions to stay away from other people and not share his personal clothes and belongings to prevent spreading it to others. He should clean his hands every time he eats something or wipes his nose, and advise others around him to do the same.

Strep throat is a common disease nowadays. There are thousand of people like you who are suffering from this disease. With some effective home remedies for strep throat you can come out of it soon. Some symptoms of this disease are cough or sneezing and runny nose. During flu seasons people get affected by this disease. Some other common symptoms of it are fever, excessive sweating, nausea, headache, body weakness, fatigue, difficult breathing, difficult swallowing etc. If you have any of these symptoms just go for using some effective home remedies for strep throat.

Extremely hot or extremely cold liquids should be avoided, as these could harm the tender tissues inside the sore throat. Spicy and oily foods too should be avoided. Soft foods like yogurt, soups and mashed foods should be eaten so that they can be swallowed easily without hurting the swollen throat. The patient should stay in a warm and humid room to prevent his cold and fever from aggravating. One should stay away from smokers and any kind of strong odors as this could harm to the respiratory membranes. One should take complete rest and drink plenty of liquids.

There are a few home remedies for strep throat which give relief. Chamomile tea is a great healer for strep throats and should be consumed every few hours as it prevents a running nose. It further helps control dehydration and keeps the fever in check.

Chamomile tea is one of the best home remedies for strep throat. Your throat pain and headaches can be reduced by the analgesic properties included in this natural product. Your dehydration problem and fever can also be reduced if you administer this product every few hours. Sage is a well-known remedy that can work effectively on strep throat. It can protect the soft tissues of throat and your respiratory system and can decrease inflammation. You should take sage either in the form of capsule or in the form of tincture. This one of the preventive home remedies for strep throat.

If you are looking for quick solution from this problem then consider garlic as it is one of the essential home remedies for strep throat. This natural product has many outstanding properties which can prevent step throat easily. Add garlic to your daily diet and it will give you magical result. Your throat inflammation can be reduced if you with gargling salt water. It can fight against bacteria that are responsible for strep throat. Any kind of bad habit like smoking, drinking should be eliminated immediately. While taking these home remedies for strep throat you should be aware so that your bedroom can be warm enough.

You should maintain a good daily diet while suffering from strep throat. This is an important part of home remedies for strep throat. Some natural foods like soups, non-irritant fruits and mashed potatoes must be included in your diet chart. This foods will create and effective result on this problem. Side by side you have to eliminate some foods such as cold drink, very hot beverages as these can increase your pain and irritation and your healing process can be slow because of these food items. If you are eager to get effective result from home remedies for strep throat then avoid any kind of irritant or spicy foods.

You should remember that home remedies for strep throat can really give the desired result without any side effects. You can find many medicines in the market which are not effective actually and can cause many bad effects on your body. All these home remedies are 100% pure and natural. You will be safe from all prospective while taking these effective home remedies for strep throat. You should also be remembered that dust is the enemy of this problem. So while going to outside you should be careful so that dust cannot enter in your throat.

Take about one glass of water and put it to boil with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a pinch of pepper in it. Add honey and drink this after it has cooled a little. This is a very effective medicine for strep throat.

Gargling with warm water mixed with common salt is a quick and easy home remedy for strep throat. Also, Henna leaves can be boiled in water and this decoction can be used to gargle. This is sure to provide relief to the throat.

The powder of the dry leaves of tamarind can be mixed in water and used for gargle, or the bark of tamarind can be soaked overnight and this water can be used to gargle and ease the soreness in the throat. Sage controls throat inflammation and is a very effective home remedy.

Garlic is easily available at home and is a great antibiotic. Garlic tea mixed with honey is very useful in easing the sore throat.

However, if after 2-3 days of treating with home remedies, the patient does not get relief, he should be taken to a doctor to avoid grave complications. Also, if one is allergic to certain foods or certain home remedies, he should discontinue them immediately.

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