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Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst and Pelvic Pain

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac usually found on the surface of an ovary. These cysts are of many types and each of these has a different underlying cause. These cysts found in and around the ovary are usual benign, harmless and functional during the ovulation period in females. They normally dissolve after a few weeks or months. But in some cases they may cause complications and lead to severe pain.

Common causes of ovarian cyst are identified as genetic predisposition, poor diet, weak immune system, insulin resistance and failure of ovulation process. In addition to these factors, toxins in liver and environment can aggravate ovarian cyst.

It is difficult to diagnose ovarian cyst from symptoms alone. But when symptoms like an irregular menstrual cycle, bleeding in between periods, unexplained weight gain, acute pelvic pain, aching of the thighs and lower back, pregnancy like symptoms, urination problems and abdominal pressure are experienced in combination, then they indicate towards ovarian cyst.

When a cyst is diagnosed the only remedy that comes in to mind is medication. About 90% of the women suffer from ovarian cyst. In some cases they are symptom free and those who are suffering experience severe unbearable pain. It is during the time of ovulation that the pain starts and it results to surgery in severe cases. The root cause has to be removed to get rid of the cyst and the pain it causes. The medications may have side effects like losing hair to headaches. It is preferable to go for home remedies for ovarian cyst and pelvic pain that is effective without side effects.

Many women believe that problems related to ovarian cyst can only be treated through medication. The medications available in the market are undoubtedly effective but they come with their set of side effects. These side effects like loss of hair, headache and nausea can further hinder the life of an individual. Also these medicines are highly addictive.

To treat this discomfort few things can be tried at home. This will not help to cure the cyst but will help to reduce the pain and also maximizes the effect of treatment. Heat treatment is one of them. A hot water bath mixed with lavender oil or any scent takes the stress out of the body and the tension is eased. In some cases hot pad or hot water bottle placed on lower back and the abdomen. This increases the blood course in the pelvic area and lightens the pain. This is one of the basic home remedies for ovarian cyst and pelvic pain that is commonly practiced.

Home remedies for ovarian cyst and pelvic pain also includes gentle massage and consuming herbal tea. A massage every day before ovulation reduces the pain during those days. Raspberry, chamomile and mint teas are some good herbal teas that can be tried to cue the pain. The habit of caffeine must be replaced by herbal tea. Intake of coffee worsens the case and increases the pain. Large amount of water intake also keeps the pain away. Try to add lemon juice in water if it is difficult to consume plain water. This ensures the healthy circle of the excretory system and will result to lesser sufferings from pain.

Most of the cases women experience infertility for the cysts and if they are properly diagnosed then home remedies for ovarian cyst and pelvic pain plays an important role. To avoid lifelong medication and surgery the natural remedies can be opted. A healthy allocation of fresh vegetables daily will assure that no further damage is done due to cyst and infertility is also taken care of. Change of lifestyle and daily diet are also included in the natural remedy. Processed food, foods with artificial additives, saturated fats and red meat are to be avoided to get a good result.

Last but not the least is the practice of physical exercises which will increase the flow of the blood in the ovaries and help in reducing the body fat. Binging should be avoided. Food should be taken in small portions and eaten slowly. Problem in digestion may hamper the natural treatment. It has to be kept in mind, when using home remedies for ovarian cyst and pelvic pain, is that a comprehensive approach which is a combination of dietary modification, pain relief techniques and elimination of the root cause.

There are some natural home remedies that can be used to reduce the discomfort in case of an ovarian cyst. These remedies are safe and help in relieving pain. Using heat in the pelvic area in case of an ovarian cyst reduces pain. One can make use of hot water bottles. This helps in warding off pain and cramps. A hot water bath serves the same purpose.

Another home remedy is to use herbal tea. Drinking chamomile, raspberry or mint tea helps by lowering the pain. One tablespoon each of tinctures of burdock root, vitex berries, red raspberry leaves and motherwort leaves; combining these and taking twice a day is a good home remedy. To combat ovarian cyst pain one can also make a tea of vitex leaves. Another important thing is to take a lot of water throughout the day. One can add lime juice, mint or lemon juice to plain water and sip it at regular intervals.

Ovarian cyst if ignored can lead to serious consequences; therefore it is important not only to follow natural home remedies but also to maintain a healthy diet. It's imperative and very important to consider the routine diet. You should include vegetables in your meal. One should also select food with low glycerin index (GI) and more fiber. Also it's important to avoid overeating, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. It's essential to limit food with high sugar levels.

If ovarian cyst pain is overtaking your life, then its time you take action. You don't have to suffer the discomfort caused by the cyst anymore. With safe natural home remedies, now you can combat the pain caused by ovarian cyst and cure this problem without undergoing a surgery.

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