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Home Remedies for Osteoporosis, Natural Treatment

The weakening and thinning of bone density that causes minor fractures and even the breakage of bones is known as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis leads either to partial immobility or total immobility. Any bone part can be damaged, but it is the wrist, spine and hip those are usually affected. People suffering from this problem suffer from severe pain, deformity, height decrease and hump in the lower back. It mainly happens due to the deficiency of the level of estrogen and calcium. Besides this you need magnesium, vitamins - B6, B12, K and D, manganese, boron and zinc. So the main task is to improve the bone density, for which it is important to know the natural home remedies for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, a disease of bones is quite common among the aged masses. Osteoporosis occurs due to the reduction of BMD or Bone Mineral Density .This reduction is usually brought about by calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies. Apart from BMD reduction, disruption of bone micro architecture occurs, the proportion and nature of proteins and collagen in bones change causing the bones to get brittle, fragile and porous.

Patients with osteoporosis run the risk of getting fractures easily. Women suffer from osteoporosis in greater numbers when compared to males. Postmenopausal osteoporosis is common among women. Spine, hips, ribs, wrists are areas usually prone to factures due to osteoporosis. There is no prominent symptom for Osteoporosis until it is quite late.

Detection of osteoporosis usually occurs after the patient meets with an osteoporotic fracture which is much painful. Among osteoporotic fractures, stress fractures of feet are most common. They are caused simply while walking. Old people with hunched backs also present an example of osteoporotic fracture. Collapse of vertebrae gives such a hunched appearance.

Factors Promoting Osteoporosis

1. Hormonal disorders
2. Other chronic diseases
3. Medications, especially glucocordicoids
4. Hyperparathyroidism
5. Estrogen deficiency following menopause
6. Decline in testosterone levels in males
7. Family history of osteoporosis
8. High protein diet
9. Physical over activity
10. Excess alcohol intake
11. Tobacco smoking
12. Intake of soft drinks
13. Malnutrition, causing calcium, Vitamin D deficiency
14. Stress and depression

Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Black cohosh is very effective in curing estrogen imbalance. Those who have the problem due to heredity, it is always advisable to have 30-40mg of black cohosh. Chaste berry and Dong quie are very effective in curing estrogen imbalance. One of the calcium rich home remedies for osteoporosis is to soak 5-10 almonds over night and then to crush it and have by boiling it in milk with goat's, cow's or buffalo's milk. Always remember to drink the milk when it is hot. Both almonds and milk are rich in calcium and so are very effective in curing osteoporosis.

You can make and drink dandelion tea by mixing 2 teaspoons of the tea along with two and a half cups of water and then boil it for 25-30 minutes. Then strain the mixture and drink it regularly as it improves bone density. Soy is one of the home remedies for osteoporosis, so consume as many soy products as you can to fight osteoporosis. Broccoli is rich in vitamin K, so you can take half a cup of broccoli as your daily vitamin K supplement. Include yoghurt in your diet as it is a very good source of calcium. You can also include prunes in your diet as it contains boron that assists in the absorption of both magnesium and calcium.

Beans, spinach, peanut butter, pineapples and nuts are the useful natural home remedies for osteoporosis. In the morning you can have a hand full of sesame seeds as it is rich in calcium. Include whole wheat in your diet. Vinegar helps in curing osteoporosis. Include fruits like pineapple, apple, banana, orange and figs in your daily diet. You can have their juices too to solve the problem.

Along with the inclusion of the above ingredients in your diet you have to bring about a change in your lifestyle as one of the useful home remedies for osteoporosis. Switch over to healthy habits to improve your bone density. Do mild exercises to improve the circulation of blood along with vital nutrients to the different parts of the body. One of the natural remedies for osteoporosis is walking in a pool which has water till your chest. Water will take the pressure and weight from your bones and joints and will relieve. You have to do this 3 times a week to get good results. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Reduce weight in case you are over weighted. Avoid caffeine, junk food, alcohol and smoking.

1. Meat should be excluded from diet, and green, leafy vegetables should be included.

2. Manganese contained in pineapple, nuts, beans, spinach is an effective cure for osteoporosis.

3. Handful of seasame seeds taken every morning can lower the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Milk or milk products should be strictly avoided, for Vitamin D in milk will only extract calcium from bones, making them hollow.

5. A teaspoon of honey every day reduces the risk of getting attacked by osteoporosis.

6. Vitexicarpin and vitricin, the substances in chasteberry maintain the hormonal balance, thereby checking osteoporosis.

7. Vitamin K in Brussels sprouts helps in checking hollowing of bones.

8. Another effective home remedy for osteoporosis is almond milk. It is rich in calcium, and can effectively treat osteoporosis.

9. Consumption of soy products balances the hormones in body, checking osteoporosis.

10. Exposing oneself to sun rays is the easiest means to treat osteoporosis.

11. Dandelion tea can restore bone density. Thus it is an effective natural remedy for osteoporosis.

12. Smoking and intake of alcohol, caffeine should be avoided strictly.

13. Light exercise, gentle jogging, walk, swimming is good for the health of bones.

14. Conch shell ash is rich in natural calcium bicarbonate. A mixture of conch shell ash and milk is a good natural remedy for osteoporosis.

15. Wild yam is also a useful herb to treat osteoporosis.

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