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Home Remedies for Melasma

Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation acquired on the sun exposed areas of the body. It's common amongst females in their reproductive years. This patchy brown, tan or blue-grey skin discoloration typically appears on the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin. It's possible but is highly uncommon amongst males.

The exact reason for melasma remains unknown; however sun exposure, hormone imbalance during pregnancy, birth control pills, stress or even family history can be reasons for this. A number of skin lightening creams and medicines are available today, but these come with side effects. Hence, when dealing with a skin related problem like this, it's always better to go with natural home remedies first.

When dark patches are seen on the skin of the cheek, forehead and temples it is called as Melasma. This occurs due to hyper pigmentation which results to darkening of the facial skin. This generally happens with the aging of the skin which lessens the tenderness, elasticity and complexion. Above the age of forty women face hormonal disturbances. This disturbance increases the melanin production that gives rise to melasma. Stress, medication, cosmetic and allergy to certain foods are also causes for melasma. This is hard to treat and home remedies for melasma is the best option to avail that saves money and side effects too.

There are many skin care creams in the market which promises total cure for melasma. But it is wise enough to go for the home remedies for melasma as this simple system takes care of the problem naturally and lightens the spots of the facial skin. These exclusive remedies not only keep the skin free of dark spots but also help in renewal of the skin along with removal of the dead cells of the skin. This removes the clogging of the pores of the skin and brightens the skin complexion. Elastin levels are normalized and you will be getting a good texture of the skin with help of skin repair.

Talking of home remedies, onion, vinegar and lemon juice serve as excellent remedies to reduce melasma and discoloration. Onion juice mixed with apple cider vinegar when applied on the affected area reduces the level of pigmentation. Similarly fresh lemon juice and diluted vinegar can be applied. Vinegar is chemically acetic acid and helps in skin lightening and softening.

Melasma is most common during and post pregnancy; doctors often call it as the 'pregnancy mask'. Thus if some precautions are taken during pregnancy like rehydrating the skin, managing stress, adequate exercise and drinking plenty of water melasma can be prevented to a great extent. Also using products rich in cocoa butter are helpful.

Pigmentation caused due to melasma can also be reduced by using papaya. Papaya contains popain enzyme which acts as a skin exfoliate. Exfoliating the outer layer of the skin helps in generation of new skin cells which helps in creating even skin tone. Mash papaya and apply it on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes for best results. You can also use a paste of barley, turmeric and yogurt in equal proportions on the pigmented area.

Vinegar is one the most common home remedies for melasma. Vinegar diluted with same amount of water should be used to cleanse the skin. This natural cleanser increases the skin complexion, acts as skin vitalizer and also softens the skin. Natural vinegars like Apple cider can be used for this purpose. To cure the problem of pigmentation smashed onion juice can also be used. Onion juice mixed with vinegar will give its best result if applied two times daily. You can also dip slices of onion in vinegar and place on the pigmented area of the skin.

To get early result you can also apply lemon juice on the pigmented area. The acidic nature of the juice peels away the layer of the affected skin. This will help to get rid of the pigmentation in no time. These home remedies for melasma relieves from discoloration of the skin and age spots along with treatment for melasma. Over stress is also responsible for melasma. To get rid of overstress practice of exercises is a must. If exercises are practiced regularly it revitalizes both health and the skin for which it is been practiced.

Balanced diet rich with all essential nutrients along with vitamins and minerals has to be consumed to get a healthy skin. Fresh vegetables and fruits are good resources for essential requirements of the body. Ample water consumption is also necessary for supple skin and release of the toxin in form of sweat from the body. Melasma is very common in the pregnant women and those who are under hormonal medication like contraceptive other hormonal treatment. The chemical treatments available in the market are ineffective and a total waste of money and time. Home remedies for melasma are no doubt the best solution for the effected skin.

Talking of natural remedies one can also use mint leaves juice on the affected area to cure melasma. Another excellent remedy is to use a mix of grated peeled cucumber and lime juice, and applying it as a pack on the affected area. Using mashed ripe banana on the face also reduces pigmentation.

It's always safer and enriching to make use of natural home remedies. They are not only free of side effects but are also nourishing, and cause safe long term benefits. Using powder dried orange peel and curd as a face pack works well against melasma. Some other popular remedies against hyperpigmentation are using peeled, grated potato in a muslin cloth and rubbing on the affected area. Grating 2 to 3 peeled carrots and boiling it in water, rubbing the cooled matter gently on the affected area before rinsing is also a good option.

Melasma or any other sort of pigmentation can be embarrassing and troublesome. Thus, one should take all possible precautions to prevent it. The first and foremost step is to prevent oneself from direct sunlight and the next would be to maintain a rich and nutritious diet followed by a hygienic lifestyle.

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