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Home Remedies for Jetlag

Are you a leisure traveler or might have to travel a lot due to business? If yes, then you should be aware of the home remedies for Jetlag as you might experience few discomforts when the body adjusts to different time zones when you fly. Jetlag, also known as, desynchronosis, is a condition which may be experienced after traveling by air. You may find it difficult to adjust the environment like routine sleeping, doing work or appetite loss when suffering from Jetlag. It may cause several complications like fatigue, legs and feet discomfort, dehydration, irritability, broken sleep and fuzziness. Hence, opt for the home remedies for Jetlag and cure your discomfort.

It is quite common for people to travel long distances for work or for vacation. Whatever be the reason, one has to travel overseas and oceans from one place to another through different time zones, different climatic conditions and at inconvenient hours.

Jetlag refers to the condition after one has traveled by air for several hours. One could experience dehydration, difficulty in sleeping due to exhaustion or oversleep, loss of appetite, numbness in feet, backache, anxiety and an irritable mood all because one's routine is upset by traveling by air for prolonged hours. However, there are a few simple home remedies for jetlag that one could follow before and after traveling to avoid the discomfort.

There are loads of remedies available in the market but they may have side effects as well. However, the home remedies for Jetlag will ease your pain without any side effects. The symptoms of jetlag are - a feeling of lack of sleep and dizziness, you may not feel hungry, or have a headache. You will start stressing out without any reason; you may also feel anxious as well. A feeling of dehydration will also crop up. You may not focus as well. You should know these symptoms so that if and when you experience the same, you may get cured with the home remedies for Jetlag.

You may try the home remedies for Jetlag. The best one is considered to be an Epsom salt bath. Planes are very dry; hence, you should drink plenty of water while flying and also before boarding the flight, for example, one cup every hour. Keeping the body properly hydrated may keep you healthy throughout. A hydrated and healthy body adjusts to a new time zone much quickly. Fatigue while adjusting to a new schedule may be enough in ruining a trip. These home remedies for Jetlag will be helpful and will enable you to enjoy the next trip properly without any hassles and such health problems.

The home remedies for Jetlag are very simple as it dictates few changes in your lifestyles only. You should adjust your pattern of sleeping to that schedule of the destination. Sleep during the flight if your schedule for arriving at the destination is in the early morning. However, if your scheduled arrival is in the evening, then you should stay awake during the flight. When you reach your destination, do not go off to sleep in the mid day even if you feel tired. Initially, this would be difficult but you should try your level best and stay awake all day. Sleep at night and wake up in the morning and these are one of the home remedies for Jetlag.

The next step which is included in the home remedies for Jetlag is to exercise in the sunlight. If you expose yourself to sunlight in the morning and do some physical activity, it would help to reset the clock of your body. You should spend much time in the sunshine during the initial stage of your trip as it inhibits Melatonin production. The next solution is adding a few drops of rosemary oil to half cup of water and drinking the same. Have a cup of Valerian tea after few hours. This is a very good one amongst the home remedies for Jetlag.

It is always good to consume lot of liquids before boarding the flight and also at hourly intervals during the flight. This prevents dehydration and helps a person remain active. However, people who experience jetlag should avoid coffee and alcohol one day prior to boarding and also when on board.

One must ensure to have a good sleep one day prior to traveling. This will prevent him from discomfort during the journey. Further one should wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes during the journey. Another advice would be to not to have heavy meals at least one day prior to leaving for travel, as one would be sitting all the time while traveling, so the food will not be digested thus causing acidity or vomiting or simply uneasiness or discomfort. Thus one could have soups and light meals prior to traveling. These meals should be rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

For people who often have a vomiting sensation on board, they can keep sweet candies ready at hand for themselves.

It would be a great idea to set one's clock to destination time at least two days prior to departing and try to wake up and sleep according to that time if possible. This would minimize his discomfort when he reaches, as his body clock would have already been set to the destination time. One of the easiest and best home remedy for jetlag is to swallow two ginger pills before going on board.

When on board, one can take off his shoes and relax or try rotating his arms and neck a little to avoid stiffening of muscles.

One could also stretch one's feet and get up and move around a little if one feels numbness in feet after sitting for long hours in his seat.

It would be a good idea to cover oneself with a light blanket and try and take a small nap to relax oneself.

After one reaches his destination, he can rub warm sesame oil on the soles of his feet and also drink warm milk with a little nutmeg and ginger in it. This is sure to relax him.

One can also take a little water with a few drops rosemary oil mixed in it. Valerian tea is also an effective home remedy for jetlag. So it can be consumed after de-boarding.

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