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Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenail is a nail disease where a toenail grows into the skin usually at the border of the nail. It is also known as Onychocryptosis. This inner growth of the nail into the skin causes irritation in the skin, creating pain, redness and swelling. This nail may break into the skin and cause bacterial infection. Infections in this case are marked by acute pain while wearing shoes or applying any sort of pressure, foul odor and drainage of pus or watery discharge.

There are many causes for ingrown toenails. It may be hereditary or may be caused by any sort of accident or trauma where the toe might have got hurt. Improper trimming and improper size of the footwear can also be the reason for the same. Excessive foot sweating, fungal nail disease or prior nail surgery again may be the cause for ingrown toenail.

An ingrown toenail at an initial stage can be effectively cured at home. However in case of infection, diabetes or any circulation disorder one must seek medical help or podiatrist. Various home remedies can help treat ingrown toenail at an early stage. One can dip his feet for 15 to 20 minutes in room temperature water (containing Epsom salt) and massage the side of the nail to reduce the inflammation. This will also help release the unwanted nail. After the whole process one must clean the infected area on the feet with an antibiotic solution to prevent infection.

Home remedies for ingrown toenail is the right option as the other treatments may be expensive. A toenail which has an edge pushing into your skin and has a soft tissue at the sides of your nail is considered to be an ingrown toenail. Initially, they may not produce any symptoms but gradually it becomes painful. This may get septic and require proper treatment. The first step to cure this problem is to identify the cause for the same. It occurs mostly due to a poor cutting practice. The condition may also be genetic as your nail may grow into a shape making it prone to become ingrown. Get rid of your pain with the home remedies for ingrown toenail.

There are many home remedies for ingrown toenail. The fungus may grow underneath your nail and will be visible as a black or discolored (generally yellow or brownish) toenail. Prevention is better than cure; hence you should keep the feet clean which will prevent the formation of fungus. Once they appear, you should start proper treatment or else the condition will worsen leading to severe infection. However, it is not risky or life threatening. If you do not want to go for home remedies for ingrown toenail, you may choose the laser treatment method but the cost may not be affordable.

Home remedies for ingrown toenail asks you to follow few guidelines as a treatment. You should not wear tight shoes as it will compress your feet and pose discomforts. Do not encourage your nails to grow as it would spread fungus. You should not walk or step on damp and dirty floor. Wear shoes with socks which are washed and well dried. Never forget the procedure of trimming nails; it should be done once a week. It is better to opt for home remedies for ingrown toenail instead of increasing complexity amidst your neighbors.

The infection should be treated immediately once recognized. Home remedies for ingrown toenail will prevent need of further treatment if detected early. You should soak your foot in lukewarm water thrice daily and keep your foot dry after this procedure. You may gently lift that edge of the nail from its position; insert cotton or waxed dental floss in between your nail and skin. You should change the packing daily. However, if you are suffering from diabetes or any other problem which affects circulation, then you should not opt for home remedies for ingrown toenail. Please make sure that you keep your feet clean and examine every day.

You may shop for shoes which do not pinch the toes and has a low heel. This is one of the most wanted options amongst the home remedies for ingrown toenail as you definitely love to shop. You may wear sandals which are open-toed as it will give allow your toe to breathe in open air. Healing may be speedier in open air. However, you should avoid wearing a sandal on uneven grounds or sidewalks. Also, you should be careful and do not stub the toe as it may produce injuries causing irritations. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt might be very helpful as the product kills the infection causing bacteria. These home remedies for ingrown toenail will eliminate the fungus without any side effects.

Another home remedy for ingrown toenail is to release the nail from its embedded skin. The nail can be removed by placing a lemon wedge with the nail, securing it with a bandage or sock and leaving it overnight. The lemon wedge would soften the skin and help release the nail. After this the embedded nail can be softly removed but make sure to bandage the area with an antiseptic and cotton until it is completely healed.

Gently massaging the skin around the nail using some tea tree oil also helps soften the skin and reduce pain. This gradually reduces the pressure on the skin and the nail can thus be removed. In every situation it's very important to use an antiseptic to avoid any sort of infection.

When suffering from this problem make sure you wear loose fitting shoes and also keep the feet clean and dry. It's very important apply antiseptic and antibiotic solution at regular intervals.

Having ingrown toenail is like ear infection; some people don't have ever in their life and some people have it too often. However, prevention is always better than cure. The problem of ingrown toenail unless hereditary can be prevented by following some basic steps. Always cut nail straight across, nails should never be cut along a curve or too short. The shoe size should be comfortable with ample toe space. Maintaining foot hygiene is the key to prevent any kind of foot infection. Regular cleansing with antiseptic and keeping feet dry keeps your feet naturally healthy.

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