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Home Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism refers to the under functioning of the Thyroid glands resulting in the lower production of the hormone Thyroxin. Thyroxin is one of the most important hormones of the endocrine system of our body secreted from the Thyroid gland which is very small in size and located in the neck region of our body. The Thyroid gland functions in synchronization of the pituitary gland that helps in releasing a number of chemicals essential to carry out different functions of the body. A number of people from the different parts of the globe are affected by this disease which very often go neglected and are left untreated inviting more complications, though this can be cured by simple natural methods.

Thyroid gland is associated just above the collar bone on the other sides of the wind pipe. This is the most essential organ of a human body. This gland releases a hormone that controls the metabolism of the body. T3 and T4 are two thyroid hormones that go into the blood stream and function there. The production of these two hormones is regulated by TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and if this is detected normal then it taken to be sure the thyroid gland is working well. The malfunctioning of the thyroid gland is called hypothyroidism. To go for the best option of treatment is to avail the home remedies for hypothyroidism, thyroid disease.


1. Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an auto immune disease is the most common cause for Hypothyroidism.

2. Malfunctioning in the pituitary gland

3. Over treatment of hyperthyroidism

4. Tumor in the thyroid gland

5. Administration of some drugs

6. Inflammation of the Thyroid gland post pregnancy

7. Hereditary factors


There are some symptoms for this thyroid problem which are sometimes visible and sometimes not really to be taken care of. When problems like brittle nails, hair loss, constipation, depression, menstrual problem, fatigue, backaches, motion sickness, digestion problem, sore breasts, itching problems etc. comes in to view then it is termed as the symptoms of thyroid gland not acting properly. Home remedies for hypothyroidism, thyroid disease help in promoting steady level of the hormones and also maintain the health of the gland. This helps the patients to go for less medication and get relief naturally.

Among innumerable symptoms the most common ones are -

1. Abnormal weight gain.

2. Abnormal swelling of the thyroid gland known as Exophthalmic goiter.

3. Reduced immunity levels with frequent attacks of cold.

4. Fatigue, weakness and depression followed by sleeplessness.

5. Swelling in the joints followed by pain.

Home Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism can be effectively cured naturally by some diet alterations as it is the easiest way in curbing this disease. There are varieties of home remedies for hypothyroidism, thyroid glands with herbal ingredients. A healthy balanced diet is required to rectify the thyroid problem. This diet will exclude vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts as these blocks the thyroid secretion naturally. Salt water fish, sea weed and shell fish are rich in iodine which helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. Intake of low calorie food is suggested as foods like biscuits, cakes, sweets etc. have high calories but very low nutrients.

Foods that contain vitamin B complex is highly recommended as it is very helpful for the thyroid gland. This provided energy through cellular oxygenation. B complex supplements can also be taken to solve the requirement. Yellow vegetables, carrots, eggs and dark green vegetables are the boosters for the thyroid hormone. These are very useful in treating and preventing disorders of the thyroid glands. Minerals like zinc, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, terbium and neodymium are the essential elements required for home remedies for hypothyroidism, thyroid glands.

Spirulina is a wonderful herb available in the market and it is considered as excellent thyroid regulator and also boosts up health. Black cohosh balances the estrogen level and controls the thyroid gland function. Mullein reduces the swelling of the glands and protects the cells. In the case of goiter consumption of mullein is very essential. Pituitary gland which is responsible for normal thyroid function is controlled by Agnus castus available in the market. The adrenal and the thymus gland can be taken care of by using Siberian Ginseng and results to healthy thyroid gland. The fatty acid of the primrose oil retrieves the function of the gland. Home remedies for hypothyroidism, thyroid glands are for those who avoid side effects and prescribed drugs.

1. Iodine is the most important constituent of Thyroxin. Iodine rich foods like sea-fish, sea weed and sea food must be compulsory item in diet. Iodized salt also provides a good iodine supplement.

2. Tyrosine is an essential amino acid required for thyroxin production. Tyrosine rich foods that include fish, meat, chicken breasts and turkey are helpful in producing thyroxin.

3. Skimmed milk, curd, lentils, bananas are also good sources of Tryosine and so can be added in regular diet.

4. Selenium is an important element in activating the thyroid hormone. Tuna, chicken, broccoli, garlic, onions, Brazil nuts and black strap molasses provide good supplements for Selenium.

5. The seaweed Bladderwrack is a rich source of iodine and other minerals and is very useful in treating hypothyroidism as well as in controlling body weight.

6. The herb Indian Ginseng or the Sarpagandha root has wondrous effects in stimulating the thyroid glands and improving their functions.

7. Another useful home remedy for hypothyroidism is the herb Nettle. It is also rich in iodine and highly beneficial in treating hypothyroidism.

8. Kelp is another rich source of Iodine widely used for treating hypothyroidism.

9. Stress management and regular exercises are also important steps in the way of curing hypothyroidism.

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