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Home Remedies for Herpes, Natural Herbal Treatment

Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus-Type1 and Type2. It is characterized by painful blisters or sores around the mouth or genital organs. When infection occurs around mouth, it is called oral herpes. This is the most common form of herpes. Apart from oral herpes and genital herpes, there are also other forms such as ocular herpes, cerebral herpes, neonatal herpes, herpes gladiatorum, Bell's palsy etc. But these forms are quite rare.

Herpes zoster is another virus of the same group, causing chicken pox, shingles. The blisters formed by herpes simplex virus last for a period of three weeks and then disappear. Genital herpes is characterized by viral shedding. Transmission or spreading of herpes simplex occurs through skin to skin contact. The contact with the fluid discharged from the sore of the affected individual may cause the virus to enter in to another individual's body through cuts or any other opening on skin. Herpes virus once enters a body, goes through the following stages.

1. Primary stage -This stage is initiated within 2-8 days after a person is infected. In this stage fluid-filled blisters occur. The skin around the blister or blisters becomes red. In no time the blisters burst open letting out the fluid and taking the form of open sores. It may be associated with fever and flu-like symptoms. Genital sores may hurt while passing urine.

2. Latent stage - In this stage no blister or sore appears. But the virus silently makes a journey to the nerves near the spine.

3. Shedding stage - This stage consists in the multiplying of virus within the nerve. This multiplying may cause the virus to enter in to body fluids like saliva, vaginal fluids or semen.

4. Recurrence - When a second attack of herpes occurs after the first attack, it is called recurrence. The symptoms of second attack are however less severe. Stresses, fatigue, sickness, menstrual periods in women are factors that may bring about recurrence. The symptoms of recurrence could be itching and pain in the site of the first attack.

HSV or herpes simplex virus causes herpes. There are two kinds of the virus and they are as herpes simplex virus 1 and 2. The first virus causes cold sores or fever blisters and the second one causes a very severe problem called genital herpes. The infection takes the form of painful blisters. In the first kind it occurs in the lips, mouth, eyes, eyelids, nose, cheeks and fingers. While the second one, as the name suggests, occurs in the genitals. These outbreaks are not only painful but they are infectious too, and in order to get relief one has to take medical advice along with it follow home remedies for herpes.

The virus stays dormant and catches its victim unawares. It is initiated by fatigue, stress and many other factors. Once the infection begins, you get blisters, itching and yellowish scabs. And it can be easily transmitted through saliva, sweat, contact and utensils. In case of oral herpes the symptoms are fever and blisters and in case of the genitals, it is painful blisters and ulceration in the genital area. Before knowing about the home remedies for herpes, it is essential to know when you get herpes. The infection gets triggered by a weak immunity system, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Herpes

The symptoms of herpes - fever and blisters can be treated by drinking tea. You can simply drink black or green tea or else drink peppermint tea as it is very soothing and helps in treating the herpes virus. Black tea leaf has tannin that is renowned for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply the tea on the infected region regularly to get good results. You have to do this 2-3 times in a day. One of the best home remedies for herpes in case of cold sores is to use cold compress by applying ice pack on your blisters for 15 minutes. Always remember to remove the ice pack after15 minutes or else you will get ice stings or burns.

On using Lemon balm or Melissa essential oil topically, you can prevent the outbreak of the blisters as it has active antiviral properties. One of the important home remedies for herpes is aloe vera. It helps in reducing the itching caused by the virus. After the sores get better, a film of thin skin forms on the affected areas. It helps in reviving the skin texture but always remember to use natural, raw aloe vera gel instead of those available in the market. Apply baking soda on the affected area after dipping a cotton ball in water. Change the ball after each application as it will contaminate the ball. In the same manner, you can use cornstarch too to get relief from the pain.

Siberian ginseng helps in curing the symptoms of genital herpes. It is renowned to boost the immunity system which is an important remedy. A strong immunity can help you deal with mental and physical strength. One of the effective home remedies for herpes is to add a hand full of Epsom salt to your warm bathing water. You have to do this daily and let the water stand on the areas that has the infection for 15 minutes. Drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins. Avoid any mouth or contact with your partner for this will only help in spreading the virus. Do not wear tight fitting clothes. Avoid sugary foods, processed or fast foods, alcohol and cigarettes.

1. Echinacea tincture is a highly beneficial remedy for herpes. It should be taken three times a day daily.

2. A mixture of burdock root, licorice root, pau d'arco, cinnamon, orange peel can be taken as an infusion to get relief from itching and burning sensation.

3. Nettle root extracts, oat straw, chamomile, St John's wort, passion flower extracts can strengthen nervous system and improve immune functioning.

4. Aloe Vera gel has a soothing effect on itchy sores.

5. Lemon balm has anti inflammatory properties and can treat herpes sores effectively.

6. A paste of goldenseal powder, walnut powder, Echinacea powder can relieve itching. It is an effective herbal remedy for herpes.

7. Dabbing the area with tea tree oil, chaparral leaves juice, and baking soda can heal the sores faster.

8. A herbal bath using comfrey leaves extract, chamomile, calendula can be highly beneficial.

9. Vitamin B rich food, Vitamin C, whole grains, seaweeds, bee pollen, nutritional yeast should be included in diet.

10. Chocolates, soft drinks, refined food items, sugar should be avoided because they act as a catalyst causing herpes outbreaks.

11. Light exercise is required to keep the body healthy and resistant against infection.

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