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Home Remedies for Facial Hair

Facial hair can be a great cause of embarrassment for many people. And even though you can choose to go for a bleach to make sure that the hair colour matches your skin tone, everybody on a close look can still see how much facial hair you have. Hair growth on the face is a result of hormonal disturbances which creates trouble for some women.

The growth of hair also depends on the estrogen level, ancestry and hormones. These unwanted hairs affect the beauty and modes for removing them are been searched. The home remedies for facial hair is highly accepted to get a natural remedy for the problem without any chemical side effects. There are few common remedies that are in use and proved to be much effective. Shaving the unwanted hair in the facial skin is something that should not be practiced as next growth will be more visible and thicker.

These days, there are many ways in which you can get rid of facial hair. There is a face waxing option available, and then you can also go in for the permanent laser hair removal technique. However, all these methods and more come with their own set of side-effects. Waxing might not be too good for your skin and can make your skin hard, or can also lead to other skin problems. Laser treatment at the same time has a lot of risks and can damage your skin permanently. Therefore, it is always good to go in for some tried and tested home remedies, which are not only safe, but also quite effective in nature. These home remedies for facial hair will surely benefit you.

One of the most common remedies is to apply a mix of turmeric and gram flour. Make a paste of the two with the help of water, and then apply it to your face for about 20 minutes. Once it has dried, simply rub it off with your hands. As you constantly rub the paste off your face, you can feel the hair being pulled out. Do this frequently, and you will notice a considerable reduction in the amount of facial hair that you have. Some people alternately use milk instead of water to make the paste, for added beauty benefits. Milk makes the skin soft and smooth, and turmeric adds a glow on your skin. Another option could be to make this paste with the help of rose water.

Next, you can mix lemon juice and honey and apply on your face every day. This works as a natural bleach and will gradually lighten the colour of your facial hair, to make it look less prominent and noticeable.

It is believed that the dough made out of wheat flour in its semi-solid state can also be rubbed on the face to get rid of unwanted hair. You just need to make sure that the dough has been prepared fresh when you are about to apply it on your face. Again, as you rub it, the sticky nature of the dough will pull out the hair, and you will feel it being pulled. But again, you will have to do this frequently to see the results.

Removal of hairs can be done in the salon by means of threads or by waxing. Both can be done at home. Rubbing a paste of turmeric powder and milk on the affected area will help in removing the hair. A mixture of sugar and lemon juice when applied on the facial skin helps to get rid of the unwanted hair. The application of these mixtures should be washed off after 20 minutes of the application. A paste of gram flour and turmeric powder also scrubs away the unwanted hair from the face. All of these applications are quite common home remedies for facial hair.

Lemon is a natural bleach and application of lemon juice daily with same amount of honey acts as one of the best home remedies for facial hair. This has to be practiced every day. Take a bowl and mix sugar lemon and honey. Boil on a high temp in a microwave for about 3 mins till it is in consistency. Spread a layer on the hairy part that you want to remove. Apply with a piece of cloth and quickly pull the cloth against the growth of the hair. Natural home remedies for facial hair includes plucking the hair with the help of tweezers.

Scrub the facial skin every day and apply a natural toner. This reduces the growth of the unwanted hair. You can also make use of this face pack to get off unnecessary hair. Take about half a tsp of corn flour and one tsp of sugar and mix it well with an egg till it makes a sticky paste. Apply this mix on the facial skin (in the same direction of your hair growth). Once this application dries, strip it off in the opposite way. Home remedies for facial hair suggests you to avoid using soap for washing face. A powder of fine rice or milk can be used for cleaning the face.

Home remedies for facial hair help to achieve expected result in due course of time once the application starts. But it has to be kept in mind that imbalance of levels of hormones results to unwanted hair growth. In addition to natural remedies to remove facial hair, make sure the diet is balanced as this will help in balancing your hormonal levels. Exercise on a regular basis will he keep your hormonal levels normal. If the hair growth is detected due to any imbalance of hormones, then it would be wise to consult your health care source as he/she can suggest you a suitable way of treatment for hormone balance.

One more option that you can try is making a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice, and applying it on your face twice a week, for 15 minutes each time. Then wash it off with cold water. Similarly, you can mix egg white with sugar and corn flour and make a paste out of it. Apply it on your face twice a week for 10 minutes each time. When it dries, peel it off, and you will see the results.

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