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Home Remedies for Baldness

Having symptoms of baldness is not a very good thing. It makes a person look old, as well as unattractive, and is often also a cause of public embarrassment. A lot of people have a very strong inferiority complex because of their balding signs, and hence, they do not like to socialise much or go out in the public because of the fear of embarrassment.

Sometimes, balding is genetic or hereditary, and there is very little that you can do in such cases to prevent it or reduce it. However, these days, a lot of other people also complain of baldness because of several other factors such as poor eating habits, stress, lifestyle changes, and many other things. It is for these people thankfully, that there are some home remedies which can help to deal with baldness.

Baldness is a common problem especially for men. This refers to the absence or falling of hair from the head. The growth in the base of the hair follicle secretes a protein called Keratin which gives rise to healthy hair. The hair growth is determined by keratin and it also maintains the balance in hair fall. If there is any problem in the system of the body it may happen that it became the most vital reason for the unwanted hair loss. Baldness has no age bar and can happen at any age. To avoid baldness many remedies have been tried but home remedies for baldness proved to be the best.

There are different reasons for the hair loss. It may be the hereditary condition, inadequate nutrition, age factor, hormonal changes, genetic factor, blood circulation in the scalp, stress and above all excess dandruff. In all these cases home remedies for baldness rejuvenate the hair loss. Oil therapy is one of the most renowned treatments for the hair. This can be availed according to one's own convenience. Boiling amla in coconut oil gives rise to a valuable tonic for the hair. Even amla juice when mixed with lemon juice and applied during shampooing of hair stimulates the growth of the hair and also prevents the loss.

Home remedies for baldness starts with preventing the hair loss that happens daily. A cup of spinach and lettuce juice, juice of green coriander, henna leaves boiled in mustard oil and coconut milk application on the scalp are few options that can be tried for prevention of hair loss. Grounded lime seed and black pepper in equal amount mixed with water can be applied daily in the hair scalp for hair loss. Washing the hair with fenugreek and cooked gram dal (black) acts as cure for hair loss and also lengthens the hair. Baldness can also be treated with a paste of pigeon pea or red gram applied on the scalp of the head.

The overnight therapy for the hair is also one of the home remedies for baldness. Massage castor oil on the scalp and keep the hair covered overnight. Wash the hair thoroughly in the morning. This should be practiced at least once in a week. Boil geranium leaves in the water cool it after straining and then use to wash your hair. You can also do the same with rosemary leaves. Henna is a most effective herb proven for years for healing and nourishing the damaged hair roots, prevent from breaking, fix the hair cuticle. Onion contains high amount of sulfur which is rich in healing quality.

Home remedies for baldness also suggests a dietary routine for prevention of hair loss. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice if can be consumed daily will help in the growth of hair. Lettuce juice can also be taken with same amount of alfalfa and carrot juice to get a remarkable hair growth. A well balanced and proper nutritional diet will help to prevent hair loss. A diet that contains seeds, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables has to be added to daily food chart. Three principal meals have to be there including vegetable oil, milk, gram, wheat, yeast, honey, oil and liver.

To begin with, you must change your diet habits. Ensure that you are consuming healthy food in well-balanced meals. You need to avoid unhealthy foods such as fast food, junk food, alcohol etc. And the aim should be to include more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Many of us take our eating habits for granted, but it is very important for us to realise that the food we eat has a great impact on how we look, and on the overall growth and development of our hair and body.

Next, get into the habit of regular oiling, and follow other good hair care steps too. You need to oil your hair at least once a week, with either almond or coconut oil. If your shampoo is very high on chemicals, get a mild herbal shampoo instead. Avoid too much of experimentation and harmful styling with your hair, which includes straightening, curling, colouring, re-bonding etc. Care should be taken to ensure that even the conditioners used by you are not high on chemicals, and are mild in their effect.

Lemon juice is very good for hair growth. If you have bald patches specifically on your head, then rubbing lemon juice regularly can help to reduce balding and lead to hair growth. This is also one of the reasons why lemon is used as an ingredient in Henna hair packs.

Honey and egg yolk can be beaten together to form a good paste which can be applied to the entire scalp and hair. Together, they give great results, and this is one of the most tried and tested remedies for fighting baldness. Also, onion juice and honey can be mixed to form a solution which can be applied on the scalp for sometime before washing off the hair.

Egg, amla powder and fenugreek seeds together forma a good home-made shampoo which can be used to treat balding. Fenugreek and amla are again two ingredients which are used in most herbal hair care products used for fighting against hair fall, hair loss or baldness.

Remember to love your hair always and pamper it. Subjecting it to extreme weather with a lot of pollution and dust can damage it. But you must take effective care of it to avoid future problems.

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