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Home Remedies for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

ADD or attention deficit disorder is a behavioral disorder noticeable mainly among children, though some take it in to adulthood as well. The disorder consists in poor concentration, impulsivity, inability to pay attention, doing things without considering, repeating mistakes, hyperactivity, doing careless mistakes, excessive talking, forgetfulness, learning disability and an inability to control one's behavior. This syndrome is common among school going children, and boys are more likely to fall prey to this than girls. Some malfunctioning or disorder occurs in the processing of neural stimuli, resulting in the ADD syndrome. American children are largely seen to suffer from ADD.

ADD or attention deficit disorder is a common problem in most children. These children are very impulsive and restless. They are inattentive and are always moving. They are unable to control their activities. They have a tendency to day dream and they are always distracted. They are unable to follow instructions. In this case you have to consult a doctor and detect the disorder and then make a plan regarding the treatment of the problem. There are some home remedies for ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children that help in controlling the problem. Once you have made the treatment plan, you need to discuss regarding your child's problem with everyone associated with the child.

The onset of this disorder occurs between the ages 2-3 years, but becomes noticeable only when children start going to school, and face difficulties in their lessons. Such children are very restless and difficult to manage. When they become adults, they may turn out to be extremely self-centered, bossy, uncooperative, and immature, thereby facing difficulty to adjust in society. There are certain factors or conditions which triggers the ADD problem.

Factors promoting the disorder

1. Organic brain damage due to prenatal complications, infection or oxygen deprivation during birth.

2. Smoking by mother before child birth.

3. Some disorder or deficit in the metabolism of neurotransmitters.

4. Genetic grounds are also responsible. The disease is said to run in the family.

5. Environmental factors like environmental pollution, lead levels in air, flavored and colored food items, fluorescent lights may cause ADD.

6. Family factors include disapproving, strict parents giving severe punishments to children. Punishments will actually not fetch any results. Lack of affection can only worsen the condition.

Home Remedies for ADD

There are quite a few medicines for the problem but they have harmful side effects so it is always safe to try out the home remedies for ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children. You have to begin by giving your child a healthy diet. You have to include fresh and organic fruits and vegetables your child's daily meal and put special emphasis on eating lots of greens. Add lot of seeds and nuts along with legumes in his/her daily diet. Include all types of lean meat like chicken and turkey in his/her diet. Give you child fish too.

You have to see to it that your child avoids all types of junk and processed foods. In their place you have to introduce fresh and healthy foods. One of the important home remedies for ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children is carrots as they are rich in vitamin A, which you have to give him/her daily. You have to give him/her berries as they are good antioxidants and fresh cream to build up their immunity system.

It has been found that the main cause of ADD is vitamin deficiency and this can be rectified by including them in their diet and also by giving those supplements. You can do this by selecting a quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. You have to include magnesium, zinc and calcium in their daily diet. One of the essential home remedies for ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children is including vitamin B as a whole. You may also include citrus fruits like oranges, lime and cypress in their daily diet. Include Omega 3 fatty acids in their daily diet as they help in the proper functioning of the brain and heart.

The other important home remedies for ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children includes taking homeopathy medicines that are enriched with herbs like Verta Alb and Arson Iod, which contain vitamins and minerals. Apart from this you have to take your child to behavioral classes. In this case therapies are conducted through which the child can learn to cope up with situations. The main concern is focusing on their activities so that they are not distracted. They are taught relaxation techniques and also the mode to calm them. They are taught how to complete their work without making mistakes and lead a disciplined life. In this manner the child is taught the techniques to cope up with all the daily activities.

More Useful Home Remedies for ADD

1. Feingold diet, free from artificial flavors, colors, and salicylates, should be given to children.

2. Fizzy drinks, refined sugar, junk food should be avoided, for they can aggravate the problem of hyperactivity.

3. Glycine, an amino acid helps in proper functioning of the nervous system.

4. Huperzine A Extracts can increase memory power and treat cognitive deficits.

5. Iron, magnesium, zinc, copper supplements or food rich in these minerals can check hyperactivity in children.

6. GABA powder is effective in treating ADD.

7. Maximum exposure to sunlight can tackle ADD syndrome.

8. A mixture of herbs like German chamomile, gingko biloba, skullcap, rooibos are useful in treating ADD. This is an effective natural remedy for ADD.

9. Green oats and brahmi can treat ADD by enhancing memory power.

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